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Yu Darvish News and Notes from April 11, 2012

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Ichiro on Darvish not tipping his cap to the fans, via Nikkan Sports:

I think it was great that [Darvish] did not tip his cap when he was taken out of the game.  He showed me that he was not satisfied with his performance.  I may have thought less of him had he tipped his cap there.  He must have something hidden deep down inside of him.  That stood out the most for me today.

Although, it seems Darvish may not have known about players tipping their caps to fans.


Sponichi and Nikkan Sports are carrying additional quotes from Darvish's post-game press conference on Monday.

First Sponichi:

How did you adjust after the first inning and how were you feeling on the mound?

I knew about our offense so at worst, I thought if I threw up zeros, the team would still have a chance to win.

Have you experiences games in the past where your mind and body were not in synch?

Yes, many times, even during the season.  There are times when I have difficulty with the first inning, preparing for it.  But I am human and I think everyone goes through [something similar].

What was your reason for not tipping your cap to the standing ovation?

No one told me anything.  I did not know.

What was going through your mind when you officially got the win?

I have watched the team win a couple of times from the dugout, it felt the same as those times.  I was happy the team won.

What are your thoughts after making your first start on the stage you were pursuing?

I am still getting a feel for things.  My normal is still Japan.  There are still things I am adjusting to. I think things will get better as I get used to everything.

What are your honest feelings now that you first start is under your belt?

I threw a lot of pitches in the dirt with Napoli behind the plate so I am worried about him (laughter).  Winning is not that important.

And Nikkan Sports:

On winning your first start...

I was happy...  I have watched the team win a couple times from the dugout since the start of the season and I felt the same kind of happiness.

Do you feel relieved?

More than anything, I am wondering if Napoli is ok after having to deal with some many balls in the dirt.  That is all I am concerned about, more than the victory.

You did not tip your cap to the standing ovation?

No one told me anything.  I did not know about that.

Were you able to make the necessary adjustments, beginning in the 3rd inning?

[Things were so bad] that it was not really about making adjustments.  I knew about our offense so at worst, I felt if I could put up zeros the team might have a chance to win.

And the Texas offense?

It is as you see it.  I was amazed as I watched.

It appeared as though you struggled with your two-seamer and with your ryhthm.

Yes.  I could not get ahead of the hitters...  I could not get strikes with my slider or any of my pitches.  I really did not want to turn in this type of performance...  I just wanted to hang on someone.

This was your first official outing...

In terms of strength, I got a good feel for things during the exhibition games.  This is where I want to be, but...  There are still a lot things I am learning.  But I think things will improve little by little as I get used to things.

Anything for the fans in Japan.

There are many people in Japan rooting for me.  There were also a lot of Japanese fans at the stadium today as well.  People from other countries are also watching me pitch.  That makes me happy and it makes me want to continue working hard.