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Yu Darvish News and Notes from April 15, 2012

by on Apr.15, 2012 @ 6:03 pm, under MLB

Yu Darvish updates from April 15, 2012:


A couple hundred "Yu is my homeboy" t-shirts have sold since Mike Napoli wore it during a post-game press conference on April 9.  The t-shirt is not officially licensed and was designed by Eric Vaughn. [SponichiDallas Morning News]


Isao Harimoto on Darvish's control problems, via Nikkan Sports:

"There is something that worries me a little.  The ball is slipping.  To issue that many walks, to have bad control, that is not Darvish.  He should rub the ball a little more.  He should work it, maybe wipe it."

Harimoto also said that he expected Darvish to record double-digit wins because of the offense's ability to score runs.


Darvish updated his blog with thoughts on his start on Saturday.

I started a game against the Twins and gave up two runs on nine hits over 5.2 innings of work.  I did not figure into the final decision.

But the team did win, 6-2.

With regards to my performance...

There were some good things and some bad things.  Yes.

But I was able to set the pace and it did more than just the minimum to get by (I got away with the minimum during my last start).

And more than that, Target Field is a nice stadium and if felt great there.

It felt nice to pitch in a place like that.  It made me happy.

I do not know where I will pitch next, but I am looking forward to it!

I have received a number of comments on Twitter from worried fans, like "Why are you not pitching as well as you were in Japan," or "Are you ok?"

Everything is different over here and it has been like two months?  And there is no way everything will go well.

It would understand [the concern] if this was a move to another team in Japan.

The game itself is different [in the US], as is the way of thinking.

I also do not know the opponents.

I need to study all kinds of things, like I did in my first year in the pros in Japan.

And I would not have come [to the US] if I knew it was going to be easy.

I am starting from zero!

And I find this a lot of fun!!

I will begin working out tomorrow for my next start.


And couple Twitter updates:

思ってる事は言う。これが僕のスタイルです。何も変えてないです。RT @yuu_kiiiiiii: @faridyu 実力があるのは誰もが認めているから、風当たりも強くなるんだと思います。でもこれまで強気な発言で自分にプレッシャーをあえてかけてきたのに日本とは違うみたいな発言はして Twitter

I will say what I think. That is my style. I have not changed anything. RT @yuu_kiiiiiii: @faridyu Because everyone knows you have the ability, it also opens you up to a lot of criticism.  You put pressure on yourself by saying confident things up to now, so I was a little disappointed to hear you talking about how different things are, in comparison to Japan.

あまりにも日本とアメリカが一緒だと思ってる人が多いんよね^^; 違いすぎる。そういう意味でも黒田さんは凄い。自分も頑張ります!RT @mmts41: @faridyu お疲れ様でした!みんな結構辛口だけど、私はいつでもどんな時でもダルのこと応援してます! Twitter

There are too many people that think Japan and the US are the same. There are so many differences. And in that sense Kuroda-san is really amazing. I will do my best. RT @mmts41: @faridyu Many have been critical [of you], but I will always support you!