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Yakult, Yomiuri, Hanshin, Yokohama: April 18, 2012

by on Apr.18, 2012 @ 5:35 pm, under NPB

Yakult Swallows

The two balks Orlando Roman committed in the 4th inning on Tuesday night tied a Central League high for balks in one inning.

Yomiuri Giants

Michihiro Ogasawara recorded just his second career sac hit on Tuesday night.  Ogasawara notched his first sac hit on June 8, 2008.

Hanshin Tigers

Akihito Fujii started his rehab program at Naruohama today.  His workouts included light running, playing catch (about thirty meters), and stepping into the batter's box against a pitching machine to get his eye used to seeing moving baseballs.  Fujii still has some swelling but is no longer feeling quite as much pain.

Fujii will also have a chance to test out a special mask that absorbs shock.

And Sanspo notes that the Tigers will hold off on making any moves to improve their catching situation.


Randy Messenger tossed his first NPB shutout on Tuesday night and stopped a two-game losing streak.  According to Sports Hochi Osaka, Messenger stopped losing streaks with a victory five times last season.

"I wanted to whatever I could to stop the losing streak.  I really do not remember throwing any shutouts.  Maybe in the minors back in 2001.  It felt really great," said Messenger.

His wife added, "Last night, he said he wanted to hold the opposition to one run and toss a complete game.  When he is at home, he helps me around the house.  He is a great husband and a great father."

Messenger's family (wife, son, and daughter) were in the stands for the game.

DYK: Sanspo notes that Messenger carries around his own clippers and has been cutting his won hair since he was in elementary school.  And as mentioned here before, he loves ramen/noodles.


Craig Brazell has four homers so far this year.  All four have come against the Yakult Swallows.


The Tigers will be giving away plastic folders commemorating Kyuji Fujikawa's 200th career save to fans that attend their game on April 24 (vs Hiroshima at Koshien).

Yokohama Bay Stars

The Bay Stars have been shutout six times this year.  And of the four games they have played against Hiroshima, three have been shutout losses (the offense is 13-for-106 against the four Hiroshima starters).

The last time the team finished with six or more shutout losses in one month was back in June 1971, when they recorded seven.

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  1. Blacklabel

    June 1971 record gonna go down in flames. Looking at a minimum of 9 and probably 10 shutout losses this month.

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