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Yu Darvish News and Notes: April 21, 2012

by on Apr.21, 2012 @ 6:02 pm, under MLB

Updates on Yu Darvish (TEX) from April 21, 2012:


While Friday's rain-out will not mess with Darvish's fourth start of the season (April 24 vs New York), it might push his fifth start of the season to May 1 (vs Toronto).


Through Twitter, Darvish denied reports that he taught a teammate how to say, in Japanese, that he was a pervert/abnormal (watashi-wa hentai desu). Tweet: one, two, three

Darvish also admitted that there was about one player on the team that was saying such things, but he was not sure where he picked it up.


Sponichi, Nikkan Sports, and Sanspo have posted portions of Darvish's post-game press conference from Thursday.


You pitched into the 7th inning for the first time...

I wanted to get in as deep as possible, so it was good [that I made it into the 7th inning].

You went with the four-seamer in the 1st inning and then starting mixing in off-speed pitches in the 2nd inning.

I wanted to start things off with my four-seamer and then move towards adding in off-speed pitches later on.  I left it all up to [Yorvit] Torrealba today and he was also called the game like that as well.

On the offensive support.

They make it easier to pitch.  It makes me feel that as long as I hang tough, they will eventually score runs.

How do you feel after throwing 121 pitches?

It was normal for me to throw 120 pitches in Japan and I feel I could pitch in another game now.

Nikkan Sports:

You pitched into the 7th inning and threw 121 pitches...

I wanted to get as deep into the game as possible, so I think it was good.  Tossing 120 pitches in Japan was normal so it was nothing.  I could pitch another game now if I had to.

Your cutter and curve worked well against left-handed hitters...

My curve was really good, it was also effective against right-handed hitters.  I think the cutter for balls a little too often though.  I do not think it was that effective.

You went from a no wind-up delivery to pitching out of the set position in the 5th inning.  Was there a reason?

Not really.  I just started using a different "pen."  I just change the color of the pen I was using.

You were better today, but what else can you do to reach the next level?

The biggest thing is I feel like my pitches are finally becoming a part of me.  If I can work on throwing the cutter for strikes, or getting batters to foul that pitch off, that would be good.

How did it feel facing good hitters like Cabrera and Fielder?

I did not know them at all, but I spoke to the pitching coach about them so I knew where their weakness were, more or less.  Both are good hitters so I had fun.  I think it was a experience for me.


On looking back at the game...

I wanted to pitch deep into the game so it was good that I was able to get into the 7th inning.  My four-seamer was pretty good overall.

What about your cutter and curve?

The curve was pretty effective against right-handed batters, but I threw the cutter for balls too many times, so I do not think it was a very good pitch for me.

You threw a lot of fastballs in the beginning.

I wanted to go with the four-seamer at first and move towards off-speed pitches later.  But I left it all up to Torrealba today and he was also thinking the same thing.

You pitched out of the set position beginning in the 5th inning.

There was really nothing to that.  I just changed the color of the pen I was using.

Did you have a good feel for things?

Overall, I felt I had a better grasp of things.  I want to work on throwing the cutter for strikes against left-handed hitters, get them to foul the pitch off.  I just threw it for balls too many times today.

Do you feel you did better than your last start?

It is not possible to improve on everything right away.  I think I will be ok if I can move forward by digesting things little by little.

What was going through your head when you had runners on second and third and no out in the 4th inning?

I thought worst case scenarios, like giving up a homer, an extra base hit, or a walk.  I just wanted to avoid that.  I try not to push too hard when I am in a jam.

You did not give up any hits to Cabrera or Fielder.

They are both good hitters so I had fun.  It was a good experience.

On the offensive support.

When I am pitching, it makes it easier for me because I think they will score runs for me so long as I hang in there.