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Orix, Rakuten: April 25, 2012

by on Apr.25, 2012 @ 11:57 pm, under NPB

Orix Buffaloes

Takahiro Okada was left out of the starting line-up today after he was diagnosed with gastritis.  Okada did arrive at Kleenex Stadium with the team, but did not participate in pre-game practices.  He instead spent time in the trainer's room.

Okada did make it into tonight's game against the Rakuten Eagles as a pinch-hitter hitter in the top of the 7th and connected for an RBI single.

Rakuten Eagles

Satoshi Nagai threw ninety pitches in the bullpen at the Ni-gun facilities in Izumi, Sendai today.

"My shoulder is fine.  But I lost the feel for pitching against live hitters and I am trying to get that back as soon as possible," said Nagai.

5 comments on “Orix, Rakuten: April 25, 2012

  1. Dylan

    Akinobu Okada has got to go. He plays players that over their career can’t even hit .200. Why he likes C Suzuki I will never understand. Lets compare career stats. C Suzuki 15 years Avg .184 Hr 3 RBI 55 that’s pathetic plus he can’t throw or catch. C Hidaka 13 years Avg .236 Hr 76 RBI 419 not great, but clearly superior to Suzuki plus he can throw and catch. Also rightfield nobody can hit over .200 Example Yoshida 8 years 28 hits. Come on! Once you are over 30 you are not going to blossom into a good player. Okada stop using the same ineffective players year after year. If Hidaka was the catcher or they went out and got a quality rightfielder they would be in the playoffs. Before the season started Okada guaranteed the playoffs. He they don’t make it. Okada should be fired.

    1. Steve Novosel

      You didn’t even mention the crime against humanity of having one of the league’s best young players – T-Okada – batting 6th. WTF is that about???

  2. Dylan

    Oh, don’t get me started. Okada has abused T-Okada all year. When I read comments by Okada. I can only think he is goofy and I don’t mean the Disney dog.

    1. Eric Lord

      He’s trying to make T-O hate the Buffaloes so that when he earns his FA option he bolts to Hanshin. It’s all part of the master plan. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

  3. Dylan

    Akinobu Okada is a cancer. And like any cancer needs to be removed. He has loser written all over his face. Orix could be a playoff team if he did not hold them back with his terrible managing.

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