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Yu Darvish News and Notes: April 26, 2012

by on Apr.26, 2012 @ 4:44 pm, under MLB

Yu Darvish's (TEX) next start will likely be against the Toronto Blue Jays on April 30, one day earlier than originally scheduled.


Sponichi and Sanspo are carrying comments from Darvish's post-game press conference on Tuesday.

First, Sponichi:

You were more effective against left-handed hitters this time around.

My curve and change were working.  That made it more difficult for batters to guess which pitch I was going to throw next.

What was going through your head in the 3rd inning when you had the bases loaded and no out?

I was not thinking about that part at all (laughter).  I was prepared to give up two runs.

What about when you got [Alex] Rodriguez to hit into a double play with one out?

I did not want to shake off too many signs, so I called [Mike] Napoli over and told him I wanted to throw the two-seamer.  I threw two two-seamers.  I was hoping to get a grounder.

Were you frustrated at yourself for not being able to toss a complete game?

It is not so much about pitching until the end...  I felt I pitched well up to where the manager wanted me to pitch.

What did you think about [Hiroiki] Kuroda's performance?

I was not sitting in the dugout when the team was up to bat, so I did not have many chances to see.  But if you look at the end-results, he turned in another solid outing, which is impressive.  When I pitch, all my thoughts are focused on getting batters out.

You started a game at home, against the Yankees, and beat another Japanese pitcher.

It is not different than any other victory.  Today was just another day I was able to do my job.

Now Sanspo:

The cutter was effective against left-handed hitters.

More than the cutter, I feel my change and curve made it harder for the batter's to guess which pitch was coming next.

What about the bases loaded, no out situation in the 3rd inning?

I had completely forgotten about that.  [Curtis] Granderson was up to bat and I was thinking about I wanted to get him out.  But I was also prepared to give up like two runs.

Were you able to pitch well based on the situations?

Yeah.  Well, I think there were a lot of grounders, so in that sense, I think I was able to pitch well.

Did you want to pitch until the end?

I wanted to pitch as long as they wanted me to so when they said they wanted me to pitch the 9th, I took at that.  So more than pitching until the very end, I just wanted to pitch well up to the point where the manager felt my day was done.

What did you think of Kuroda's performance?

I was not in the dugout very often when the team was up to bat, so I did not have many chances to see, but based on the results, he pitched well and I think that is impressive.  But when I pitch, I am only thinking about the batters I have to face.

Are you satisfied with your outing against the Yankees?

Not entirely.  It might be strange of me to say that I did not feel I pitched well, even though I managed to stave the Yankees off.  But then they faced me for the first time and I knew them.  Stuff like that.  I think I am still not quite there yet.

Do you trust the defense behind you?

Well, what else is there other than trust?  They hit well, defend well, they are good at everything.  I was able to pitch with full confidence in the players behind me.  That is a big plus.

You pitched from the set position from the 1st inning.  Will that change?

I will change things up based on the situations.