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Asahi Shimbun not happy with Yomiuri Shimbun’s latest reports on Hidetoshi Kiyotake

by on May.31, 2012 @ 9:21 pm, under NPB

Yomiuri Shimbun and Asahi Shimbun are squaring off again on the player bonus articles that appeared earlier this year.

On May 26, Yomiuri Shimbun reported that there was a good chance Hidetoshi Kiyotake was responsible for an internal document leak that resulted in a "misinformed" Asahi Shimbun article about the Giants handing out extremely high bonuses to players.  The Yomiuri report also mentioned that Kiyotake was in contact with an Asahi Shimbun reporter.

Asahi Shimbun fired back with a written objection on Wednesday: they stood by their article ("it was not misinformed") and added that Yomiuri's report on May 26 could lead readers into believing that their reporter knew Kiyotake stole internal documents from the Yomiuri offices.

Asahi Shimbun's Mass Media and Human Rights Conduct Committee also decided today that a petition submitted by the Yomiuri Giants and Yoshinobu Takahashi, Shinnosuke Abe, Tetsuya Utsumi, and Takahiko Nomaguchi (players that were named in the Asahi Shimbun article) on April 27 will be reviewed.