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A number of teams did not approve reappointment of Kato as NPB Commissioner

by on Jul.01, 2012 @ 1:50 am, under NPB

A number of unnamed sources told reporters on Saturday that a handful of teams did not approve the reappointment of Ryozo Kato as NPB commissioner.  Kato's term was supposed to end on June 30, but all twelve teams were informed that it was extended until the next owners meeting on July 12 (his reappointment will be deliberated).

According to the unnamed sources, a number of teams are not satisfied with Kato, both in terms of what he has done and how he is runs the things.  There are also concerns with how he is handling affairs for the Japan national team.  Some are even pushing for a more detailed explanation on how commissioners are selected/appointed.

Kato became the NPB Commissioner in July 2008 and has held the seat for two terms.

Source: Sponichi 6/30/2012


UPDATE 7/2 @ 12:54am - According to Sanspo, all six Pacific League teams did not approve of Kato's reappointment as NPB commissioner.  All six Central League teams did.

Regarding the reasons why, the PL wants more say in the commissioner selection process.  They also want to restructure the broadcast rights -- each team currently controls their own rights, but Pacific League teams would like the league to control all rights and then split the profits with the twelve teams.  The CL is against splitting profits because it would mean the Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, and Chunichi Dragons are paying for PL expenses.

The matter will be discussed during the next owners meeting on July 12.  Until then, Kato will be the acting commissioner.


UPDATE 7/3 @ 3:58pm - Sponichi is reporting that all twelve teams are now leaning towards approving Kato as NPB commissioner for a third term.


UPDATE 7/3 @ 11:55pm - Kato does not plan to get actively involved in discussions regarding his third term and will quietly wait for the owners to make their final decision during the owners meeting on July 12.  Source: Nikkan Sports 7/3/2012

Sanspo notes that the NPB held a team rep meeting in Tokyo on Monday.  Softbank Hawks' acting owner Kazuhiko Kasai told reporters the commissioner selection process needed to be worked out.  Another unnamed PL rep said he did not think Kato was fulfilling his duties as the commissioner of the league.


One comment on “A number of teams did not approve reappointment of Kato as NPB Commissioner

  1. Steve Novosel

    I’m not sure why the teams can’t put together a TV revenue sharing deal. Does it need unanimous approval? Only 3 teams would object… It would build a better product as well.

    NPB needs to co-market in general. Only the PL seems to be doing anything about it, but IMO they are doing it well.

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