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Ryozo Kato to officially begin third term as NPB Commissioner

by on Jul.13, 2012 @ 1:55 am, under NPB

The following issues were discussed/addressed at an NPB owners meeting on Thursday:

  • With regards to the new baseball: Owners meeting chairman and Chunichi Dragons' owner Bungo Shirai told reporters that two people felt the league should re-evaluate the new baseball while one person said they thought the new baseball was fine as is.  Orix Buffaloes' owner Yoshihiko Miyauchi said he offered his opinion on what he thought of the low ERA's and low batting averages as a result of the new baseball and change in strike zone.  Source: Sports Hochi 7/12/2012
  • The owners unanimously voted to keep Ryozo Kato as NPB Commissioner for a third term.  However, two teams (reportedly Rakuten and Orix) went along with the extension on one condition: that want a detailed report outlining what a commissioner does and how they are selected.  Source: Sponichi 7/12/2012
  • The Commissioner's Office will distribute surveys to each of the teams for ideas and suggestions on what the commissioner's job should be and how commissioners should be selected.  Source: Nikkan Sports 7/12/2012


NPB Commissioner Kato told reporters he has not been able to narrow down his candidates for the Samuarai Japan manager because so much riding on the selection (namely, winning the WBC for the third consecutive time).  Source: Sponichi 7/12/2012