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Hanshin, Yokohama: July 20, 2012

by on Jul.20, 2012 @ 6:14 pm, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

Nikkan Sports notes that there is a good chance the Tigers will not bring Craig Brazell back next season, especially if he continues to struggle during the second-half.


On Thursday, Masahiro Nakatani became the fifth player in franchise history to win a Fresh All-Star MVP.  The other four players: Kazumasa Fujikura (1981), Shinjiro Hiyama (1993), Hirotoshi Kitagawa (1995), and Atsushi Fujimoto (2002).  Source: Daily Sports 7/20/2012


Kyuji Fujikawa on Yutaka Wada and the All-Star Series, via Sports Hochi Osaka: "Wada is doing his best and we are trying to pull it together for the manager.  I am sure this has been a difficult first year, but the players are responsible [for the poor performance]. ... I am not at 100%, but I want to show [the fans] something good.  My first goal is to return to the team healthy.  This will allow me to practice when everyone else is resting. ... I want to do my best to see the manager put on a better face."


Owner Shinya Sakai told reporters he used a different exit when leaving Wednesday's game because of the presence of fans.  Sakai was heckled as he left the stadium on Tuesday.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 7/19/2012

Sakai is also planning to meet with Wada some time during the All-Star break to talk about the second half of the season and other future plans.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 7/20/2012

Yokohama Bay Stars

Pitching coach Yui Tomori told reporters that Daisuke Miuri and Kentaro Takasaki will likely get starts on five days of rest during the second half because they do not have enough effective starters.  Source: Sponichi 7/20/2012


Team president Jun Ikeda visited eight MLB stadiums during a visit to the US earlier this month (July 4-12).  He told reporters he would like to borrow some of the ideas he saw in the US to help improve fan experience at Yokohama Stadium.  Source: Sponichi 7/20/2012