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Practices for Summer Koshien at Koshien Stadium to take place between August 2 and 5

by on Jul.20, 2012 @ 1:39 am, under High School, Summer Koshien

The Japan Baseball Federation announced today that practices for the high schools participating in the Summer Koshien will last thirty minutes each and take place over a four day period at Koshien Stadium between August 2 and 5.  Source: Sanspo 7/19/2012


The Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium will be running a special exhibit on summer high school baseball between July 24 and September 2.  Source: Sanspo 7/19/2012


The media learned on Wednesday that Buso High School suspended all baseball-related activities.  The high school baseball team recently made headlines when they lost their Kanagawa regional tournament game (on July 12) because they failed to call time after an infield fly with a runner on third -- Buso players ran over to the mound to talk things over while the runner on third quietly scored the game winning walk-off run.

After the loss, school officials found out that their players were posting critical remarks against the umpire that allowed the run to score.  They also uncovered messages that suggested members of the team may have been smoking and drinking.

Buso High School has filed a report with the Kanagawa Baseball Federation and are continuing to monitor the situation.

Source: Nikkan Sports 7/19/2012


Masuho Shogyo High School has also suspended all baseball-related activities after they learned that between April and July four second-year players punished thirteen first-year players for having bad attitudes during practice.  Punishments included getting kicked or hit on the buttocks with a baseball bat.  There was also a punishment that involved getting your nose pinched by a beetle.  None of the players suffered physical injuries.

School officials uncovered details of the incidents after they conducted a school-wide survey on bullying on July 6 and found a number of questionable replies that led to an internal investigation of the baseball team.

The Yamanashi Baseball Federation was informed.

Masuho did compete at the Yamanashi regional tournament -- they were eliminated in the first round -- but the four second-year players were suspended.

Source: Nikkan Sports 7/19/2012

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    > practices for the thirty high schools
    There are 49 high schools in the tournament. The practices will last 30 minutes for each school.

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