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WBC News and Notes: July 21, 2012

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News and notes from July 21:

  • The players are planning to play the two exhibition games scheduled against Cuba in November.
  • The JPBPA's beef: Japan only got 13% of the revenue even though they helped bring in about 70% of the sponsorship revenue.  Rights also belong to the WBCI.  The Olympics and the Soccer World Cup give rights to each of the participating countries.  So the issue here is not so much as increase in the revenue, but rather who holds the sponsorship and licensing rights (within Japan, with more emphasis on the sponsorship right).
    • A little more on the breakdown: Japan pulled in about 38% of the broadcasting rights for the last WBC, in addition to about 70% of the sponsorship contracts.  The MLB got 66% of the overall revenue (made up of ticket, sponsor, merchandise, and broadcast sales) while Japan got 13%.
  • Jim Small (MLB Managing Director & Vice President, Asia) told reporters he felt the JPBPA was missing important information and that there was a misunderstanding.  Paul Archey (MLB Senior Vice President, International Business Operations) added that the there were a lot of costs the MLB had to consider, like insurance for MLB players.  Archey also said that if they went along with JPBPA demands, only four or so countries would participate.
  • The NPB is working on a "Samurai Japan" program that will allow them new marketing opportunities.  NPB Commissioner is quoted as saying, "Let us assume that there are fifty-two weeks in a year and the WBC takes two to three weeks.  The rest, the forty-nine to fifty weeks, Japan can use that as it pleases, including the uniforms and the marketing.  We have received approval for that."  In other words, the NPB is working on securing rights for all other times other than when the WBC is actually held.
  • If the JPBPA does not participate in the WBC, then the NPB can not move forward with their Samurai Japan program.
  • Daily Sports reports that the NPB is scheduled to meet with the JPBPA on August 1.
  • Japanese players in the US have refrained from saying much to the press since they do not know all the details.
    • Daisuke Matsuzaka - I heard they decided not to participate, but I do not know all the details for why, so I can not really say anything about it.
    • Norichika Aoki - I do not know the details, so I do not really want comment.
  • Daily Sports conducted an online survey of its readers on Friday.  Fifty-four percent of the 342 respondents said they supported the JPBPA's decision, forty percent said they did not support the decision, and six percent said they were undecided.
  • Nikkan Sports also conducted an online survey (1,770 replies): 68.3% supported the decision, 31.7% did not support the decision.
  • Sponichi notes that if the JPBPA does not participate, the NPB may approach the amateur associations and put together a team made up of amateur and MLB players.
  • Nikkan Sports wonders if the MLB will shift the venue to Taiwan if Japan does not participate (something they were already thinking about doing late last year).

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UPDATE @ 10:06pm -

Sponichi also conducted a survey of their own and found: 46% of respondents were against the decision, 45% for the decision, and 9% uncertain.

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