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Chunichi, Yakult, Yomiuri, Hanshin, Hiroshima, Yokohama: July 23, 2012

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Chunichi Dragons

Takuya Asao (right rotator cuff) was slated to toss situational batting practice today, but the session was canceled because his right shoulder was not feeling well on Sunday.  Source: Sanspo 7/23/2012

Yakult Swallows

Masanori Ishikawa could get the first start of the second half -- July 25, vs Hiroshima, at Jingu.  Source: Sanspo 7/23/2012


The Swallows will continue to stick with Jun Matsui, even though Tsuyoshi Ueda will likely be able to return to the active roster some time during the second-half (right shoulder contusion).  Source: Sponichi 7/21/2012

Yomiuri Giants

General pitching coach Kazuhisa Kawaguchi told reporters that he will likely give Tetsuya Yamaguchi, Kentaro Nishimura, and Scott Mathieson the night off if the team has at least a four-run lead heading into the later innings.  This will hopefully serve two purposes: 1) give younger pitchers -- like Kyosuke Takagi, Ryuji Ichioka, and Seiji Tahara -- more opportunities to pitch and 2) keep the trio fresh for the latter part of the season.  Source: Sanspo 7/23/2012, Nikkan Sports 7/23/2012

Hanshin Tigers

Jason Standridge and Randy Messenger will likely start the first two games of the second-half (July 25, 26 vs Chunichi at Naygoya Dome).  Source: Nikkan Sports 7/23/2012


Hiroaki SaiuchiRyoma Matsuda, and Akira Iwamoto joined the Ichi-gun players for workouts today at Koshien Stadium.  They also faced eight Ichi-gun batters during situational batting practice  and did not allow too many solid hits.  Source: Nikkan Sports 7/23/2012


Hayata Ito worked out at Naruohama on Sunday morning (about forty-five minutes, included weight training and practice swings) and joined the Ichi-gun players for workouts at Koshien in the afternoon (included fielding practice in the outfield and batting practice).  Source: Nikkan Sports 7/23/2012


Akihito Fujii took outdoor batting practice on Saturday for the first time since he suffered a contusion on his right chest -- sixty swings and twenty-two could-be hits.

Said Fujii, "It is not as if there is no pain, it is just at a level where I can deal with it."

Fujii is scheduled to play in a rehab Ikusei game against the Kochi Fighting Dogs on Wednesday.

Source: Sanspo 7/23/2012


Team president Nobuo Minami will be present when owner Shinya Sakai meets with Yutaka Wada.  The three will discuss plans for the team moving forward.  Source: Nikkan Sports 7/21/2012


Kenji Jojima might be ready to play in some rehab games in early August.  Jojima is already taking batting practice against pitching machines, is able to run long dashes of about one hundred meters (the distance between the left foul pole and right-center), and is able to throw the ball about eighty meters.  Source: Daily Sports 7/21/2012

Jojima began taking grounders during practice on Sunday at Naruohama.  Source: Sponichi 7/23/2012


Tigers' officials will be meeting with US-based scouts Andy Sheets and Jeff Williams some time next month to talk about potential player candidates for 2013 (with a focus on position players).  Source: Sports Hochi 7/21/2012

Hiroshima Carp

Brad Eldred went 0-for-3 during situational batting practice on Sunday: ground out to third and two strikeouts.  Eldred had not seen any action since he was hit by a pitch on his head during a game on July 13.  He should be ok to return to the active roster for the start of the second-half.  Source: Nikkan Sports 7/23/2012

Yokohama Bay Stars

Team owner Makoto Haruta watched over practices at Yokohama Stadium on Sunday and said he thought the team had too many losses.  He was particularly concerned about the team's 1-11 record against the Hiroshima Carp.

Haruta is hopeful that Bobby Cramer will be able to provide the starting rotation with some stability in the second-half.

The first two starters of the second half: Yuki Kuniyoshi and Cramer.

Haruta, Kiyoshi Nakahata, and team president Jun Ikeda met after workouts on Sunday.

Source: Nikkan Sports 7/23/2012


Cramer faced eight batters during situational batting practice on Sunday and recorded two strikeouts.  He also surrendered a homer to Yoshitomo Tsutsugo.  Source: Sponichi 7/23/2012


Kiyoshi Nakahata is hoping Takehiro Ishikawa will be able to return to the active roster some time before the end of August.  Source: Sponichi 7/21/2012

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    So the Baystars team owner thinks that the team has too many losses….!!?? I am amazed as his thoughtful, in depth analysis of the situation.

    Next I would like to know if they had 5 or 10 less losses would that be just enough losses, or still too many? :-0

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