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Ichiro Suzuki’s comments after his first game at Yankee Stadium

by on Jul.29, 2012 @ 2:11 pm, under MLB

Sanspo and Sponichi have posted Ichiro's comments after his first game at Yankee Stadium on Friday.

First, Sanspo:

On your first game at Yankee Stadium...

I was excited.  The way things have been going, it is like I need to pinch my cheek [to make I am not dreaming].  That first day in Seattle, [playing] against Felix the second day, then Iwakuma the third day.  And today, my first game at Yankee Stadium.  Against Boston no less.

Does it feel like you are playing for the Yankees?

The third game at Seattle, there was a moment that I glanced up at the clock.  The game started at 12:40pm and it was 4:00pm.  I did not feel that long.  That is when I thought, "this is it."  I think the focus on winning is important.  There is a clear goal.

On how you look in pinstripes...

This place, it has a lot of things, but no full-length mirror.  So I want to have a look [at myself].  It is also difficult getting a good look on the stadium monitors.

It seemed really happy out there...

Yes, I was.  Of course.

Your intro music was the same.

I was not prepared.  There is no deep meaning to it.

You spoke to Jeter during workouts.

We were playing a little game.  During batting practice.  It was not Jeter coming over to talk to me, so much as it was me teasing him a little.

And Sponichi:

On playing the Boston Red Sox...

I had only watched the game on TV before and I thought it seemed like there was an awful lot of excitement.

On the weight that come with wearing pinstripes.  Do you feel any?

I want to learn more about it.

Do you feel any changes?

There was a moment that I look at the clock during the third game in Seattle.  I did not feel the passage of time at all.  That probably had something to do with the focus on winning.

Your locker in between former teammates Soriano and Ibanez.

I did not request it, but it made me think they knew what they were doing.

Do you like New York?

When I came to New York on road trips, I would always return to Seattle with another suitcase.  This place is like a dream for me.  It is a place that will fulfill all my cravings.  It is scary to think that that place is now my home.

What about the clubhouse environment?

It seems professional, in that it made me feel as if things would not change very much, win or lose.