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Nippon Ham, Lotte: July 29, 2012

by on Jul.29, 2012 @ 11:57 pm, under NPB

Nippon Ham Fighters

The Fighters decided to take Yuki Saito off the active roster after another rough start today (vs Orix, 3 IP, 52 NP, 17 BF, 7 H, 1 HR, 4 SO, 1 BB, 6 R, 4 ER).  Pitching coach Masato Yoshii told reporters that he was hoping Saito could get at least two Ni-gun starts before returning to the active roster.  Source: Daily Sports 7/29/2012

Chiba Lotte Marines

Yuji Yoshimi might get bumped to the bullpen.  Source: Daily Sports 7/29/2012


Tatsuya Uchi was taken off the active roster today with pain in his right ankle.

Said Norifumu Nishimura, "[Uchi] had been playing through the pain.  And over the last couple/few days, he was feeling pain while walking.  We thought it best if we shut him down for a little while."

With regards to who will close out games during Uchi's absence: "We will not select one closer and instead go with the pitcher that has the best stuff that day."

Source: Daily Sports 7/29/2012

3 comments on “Nippon Ham, Lotte: July 29, 2012

  1. Steve Novosel

    It’d be nice if Nishimura-kantoku didn’t keep up this rotating cast of starters and just stick with a few for a while. We’ve had 11 different starters this year! If Yoshimi is in the pen then that means someone like Abe or Ohmine will need to make starts.

    Early in the year he was letting the pitchers go way too deep into the game, even if they were looking a bit gassed or losing control. Now everyone not named Naruse is on a short leash, so the pen is putting in tons of innings. They need to make a plan and stick with it.

  2. Tim

    Yes, that’s classic Nishimura; trusting only Naruse and heavily relying on bullpen especially at the end of season or climax. That helped Lotte to defeat Softbank and Chunichi to win Nippon Series though. So, maybe it would help Lotte this season again. Who knows.

  3. Steve Novosel

    Well we’re not going to make it to Climax if he keeps this up. Pulling some pitchers in the 4th when they are pitching OK but not great. Running out your first round draft pick until he throws 120-130 pitches and is clearly gassed. Demoting some pitchers to ni-gun after one bad outing (Katsuki this year, Ohmine last year after 1+ innings of work) just destroys their confidence.

    They’ve done so well in the draft the past few years but seem to keep running that talent into the ground. I suppose I shouldn’t complain as we are still in first but with better decisions we could have won a hell of a lot more games this year.

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