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Former Hiroshima Kogyo High School baseball player arrested on charges of groping

by on Jul.30, 2012 @ 5:26 pm, under High School

Hiroshima Hatsukaichi Police re-arrested a second-year high school baseball player (16) from Hiroshima Kogyo High School on suspicion of groping a female high school student.  The student has since admitted to the charges.

The re-arrest report claims the student pushed a female high school student (15) down and groped her at around 8:30pm on May 17.

According to the police and high school officials, the student pushed down a separate female high school student (18) on at around 9:20pm on July 19 and groped her upper body.  The female student also suffered a knee injury during the confrontation.

(The student was first arrested on July 20 for the incident that took place on July 19 and re-arrested on July 30 for the incident that took place on May 17.

Hiroshima Kogyo High School claimed their first spot to the Summer Koshien in twenty years by beating Eishin High School at the Hiroshima Regional Qualifier Tournament on July 26.  The student did belong to the baseball team, but quit after his first arrest on July 20.

As of this time, Hiroshima Kogyo High School does not plan on withdrawing from the tournament -- they feel it is not necessary to punish the entire team for something one former player did.  The Japan High School Baseball Federation also apparently feels the same way.

Source: Nikkan Sports 7/30/2012, Sponichi 7/30/2012, Jiji 7/30/2012, Yomiuri 7/30/2012


UPDATE 7/31 @ 8:55am - Hiroshima Kogyo High School notified the Hiroshima Baseball Federation of the incident on July 20 and received permission to participate in the regional tournament because 1) the student was never on the roster for the tournament, 2) the student acted on his own.  Source: Sponichi 7/31/2012

UPDATE 8/1 @ 8:09pm - The Japan High School Baseball Federation (JSBF) met today and will allow Hiroshima Kogyo to participate in the Summer Koshien because the incident involved one lone student.

However, the high school has not been able to finalize their report on the incident because they have not been able to question the former player (he is currently in custody).  Therefore, the JSBF will wait to make their decision official until they receive a finalized report.

Source: Jiji 8/1/2012, Sponichi 8/1/2012