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Shukan Post reports that Shinnosuke Abe (Yomiuri) is having an affair

by on Aug.06, 2012 @ 10:41 pm, under NPB

The August 6 issue of Shukan Post includes an article that claims Shinnosuke Abe (33) is having an affair with gravure idol Maya Koizumi (24).  According to the report, the two first started seeing each other in February.  Their relationship reportedly escalated to the point where the three were secretly seeing each other over a three-day period that began July 25 -- a visit to Koizumi's apartment on the 25th, a meeting at a restaurant in Nishi-Azabu on the 26th, and Koizumi at the Yomiuri game in Hiroshima on the 27th.

The report also mentions an unnamed source that said Abe ended up having an affair with Koizumi because things were not going well back home.

"Shinnosuke is close to his mother.  His mother does things like file Shinnosuke's taxes and complains to him about how much he and his wife spend.  Shinnosuke is not able to say anything back to his mother, which in turn becomes a strain on his relationship with his wife," said the source allegedly familiar with Abe's private life.

Abe told reporters before Sunday's game against Yokohama that the reports were not true.

"There is no truth [to those reports of an affair]," said Abe.  "The only truth is that it was reported.  The people most affected by this are my family.  It also created an inconvenience for the team and people connected to the team."

With regards to Koizumi, Abe said, "She is a popular figure tied to an agency, so this must be an inconvenience for her as well."

And the Yomiuri Giants provided reporters with the following statement:

There is no truth to the reports about an affair between Abe and Koizumi.  He was introduced to her by someone they both knew and they became acquaintances in March this year.  She is just one friend.  And He stopped by Koizumi's apartment on his way home after the game on July 25 because he had to drop something off.  With regards to their meeting on July 26 and 27, there were a number of other men that were a part of a group that went to dinner.

Koizumi's agency has also released a similar statement to the press.

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