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Chunichi, Yakult, Yomiuri, Hanshin, Hiroshima, Yokohama: August 14, 2012

by on Aug.14, 2012 @ 6:04 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Starters for the Yomiuri series (August 14-16): Yudai Ono, Kazuki Yoshimi, and Kenichi Nakata.  Source: Daily Sports 8/14/2012


Enyelbert Soto was taken off the active roster on Friday because of his left hamstring.  He took part in workouts at Nagoya Stadium on Monday and told reporters he should be ok to return after his ten days are up.  Source: Nikkan Sports 8/14/2012

Yakult Swallows

Olympic Bronze Medalist Ryutaro Matsumoto (wrestler) is slated to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on August 21 (vs Yomiuri at Jingu).  Source: Sponichi 8/14/2012


Shinya Miyamoto told reporters on Monday that he might be able to return to the active roster some time in late August (assuming everything goes well).  Source: Sponichi 8/14/2012

Yomiuri Giants

Starters for the Chunichi series (August 14-16): Hirokazu Sawamura, Yuki Koyama, and Toshiya Sugiuchi.  Source: Daily Sports 8/14/2012


Scott Mathieson returned to Japan on Monday.  A team spokesperson told the media that he made good progress during his trip to the US and is doing his best to return to the Ichi-gun mound as soon as possible.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/13/2012


Tatsunori Hara was scheduled to appear at an event at Tokyo Dome on Monday morning, but canceled because he was not feeling well.  He is expected to join the team today at Nagoya Dome.  Source: Sponichi 8/14/2012

Hanshin Tigers

Starters for the Yokohama series (August 14-16): Yasutomo Kubo, Jason Standridge, and Kazuhito Futagami.  Source: Sanspo 8/14/2012Sanspo 8/14/2012


When reporters asked Yutaka Wada about his plans for Craig Brazell, he avoided making any commitments and instead said that he wanted to use whichever players were doing well at the time.  Source: Nikkan Sports 8/14/2012, Sports Hochi Osaka 8/14/2012


Randy Messenger became the first Hanshin starter to pitch on four days of rest on Sunday.  Pitching coach Takashi Yamaguchi told reporters it was not going to become a regular thing for the rest of the starting pitchers because it would mess with the rotation order.  Source: Sanspo 8/14/2012


Changes will likely be made to the coaching staff after the season (does not include Wada).  Source: Nikkan Sports 8/14/2012

Sponichi adds that there were discussions about swapping Ichi-gun batting coach Mitsunobu Takahashi with Ikusei chief/Ni-gun batting coach Hiroshi Yagi; and Ichi-gun pitching coach Takashi Yamaguchi with Ni-gun pitching coach Kiyooki Takanishi during the All-Star break.  While there are no longer any plans to shuffle the coaching staff during the season, changes will likely be made during the off-season.


Team owner Shinya Sakai told reporters again on Monday that, as far as he was concerned, Wada was returning next season and that there was nothing more to add.  Source: Daily Sports 8/14/2012


The Tigers plan to send someone overseas (Latin America) to check on the talent playing in the Winter Leagues later this year.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 8/14/2012

They have also apparently sent their international scout to the US to meet with US-based scouts Jeff Williams and Andy Sheets about possible candidates for the 2013 season (they are looking for an outfielder with good speed and defense).  Source: Sanspo 8/14/2012


The Tigers will be giving away 150 pairs of tickets (Alps seats on the first base side) to fans sixty-years and older for a game against Yokohama on September 17 (at Koshien).  Additional information can be found at the official team site.


The Tigers announced on Monday that they will be hosting special summer vacation events/giveaways during home games against  Chunichi (August 21-23) and Hiroshima (August 31-September 2).  Additional details can be found at the official team site.


The Tigers are thinking about extending ceremonial first pitch invites to all seven Olympic Gold Medalists. Source: Daily Sports 8/14/2012


A recent Nikkan Sports survey involving responses from three hundred fans revealed:  fifty-one percent (153) do not support Wada; and ninety-six percent want to see a shift to younger players.

Hiroshima Carp

Starters for the Yakult series (August 14-16): Kenta Maeda, Yusuke Nomura, and Kan Otake.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 8/14/2012


Kenjiro Nomura worked with Shota Dobayashi on his defense for about thirty minutes on Monday -- about ten minutes of catching and throwing baseballs tossed by Nomura, followed by fielding grounders hit by Nomura.

Dobayashi has received help from Nomura during extra rounds of fielding practice before home games, but this was the first time they worked on defense during a day-off.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/14/2012

Yokohama Bay Stars

Starters for the Hanshin series (August 14-16): Daisuke Miura, Shugo Fujii, and Kentaro Takasaki.  Source: Daily Sports 8/14/2012