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Second-year Sakushin Gakuin player arrested on suspicion of robbery

by on Aug.18, 2012 @ 2:31 pm, under High School, Summer Koshien

A second-year Sakushin Gakuin player was arrested on Friday on suspicion of robbery.

According to the reports, the incident took place at around 6:50am on August 10 in Utsunomiya.  The second-year student took a few thousand yen from a sixteen-year-old female, while causing a minor injury to her knee.  The second-year student has told police that he did come in contact with the female but did not take any money.

Sakushin held a press conference at about 10am this morning and informed the media that the student was in the stands cheering for the team on August 9 and returned home the following morning.  The school currently does not plan on withdrawing from the tournament (their next game is on Sunday).

The Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF) was contacted by the Tochigi High School Baseball Federation on Friday.  The JHBF is not expected to keep Sakushin from participating in the rest of the tournament (based on past precedents).

The players were informed of the incident this morning.  Practices (about two hours long) took place as scheduled.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/18/2012, Nikkan Sports 8/18/2012, Asahi Shimbun 8/18/2012, NHK 8/18/2012


[UPDATE @ 6:52pm]

Tournament organizers decided to give Sakushin permission to continue playing in the tournament.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/18/2012

[UPDATE 8/20 @ 12:09am]

Some updates:

  • According to the police, the second-year Sakushin player allegedly approached the girl in attempt to molest her, but gave up after she resisted and instead asked for her money.  The student has admitted to touching the girl, but not in an attempt to molest her.  He has also denied taking money from the girl.
  • Sakushin officials have stated they never had problems with the student, either in classes or during practices.
  • The student watched the game on August 9 and returned the Sakushin on a bus the following morning.  Later that day, at about 6:50pm, he attacked a sixteen-year-old girl that was walking in a wooded area.  He attended practices at the high school on August 11 and was at the game on August 16.  He returned to Utsunomiya the following morning and was arrested by police at 7:58am.

Source: Sanspo 8/19/2012, Nikkan Sports 8/19/2012

[UPDATE 9/28 @ 12:37am]

The Utsunomiya District Public Prosecutor's Office sent the former Sakushin Gakuin student to the Utsunomiya Family Court on Thursday.  The family court decided on the same say that the former student will be placed in protective detention for two weeks.

Incidentally, the former student voluntarily withdrew from Sakushin Gakuin on August 21.

Source: Sponichi 9/28/2012

[UPDATE 10/22 @ 9:47pm]

The former Sakushin Gakuin student (17) was sent back to the prosecutors office because the Family Court felt the youth was not expressing enough remorse for the crimes he committed.  This basically means the Family Court thinks he should be tried as an adult.

Source: Sponichi 10/22/2012

[UPDATE 11/1 @ 11:03pm]

The Utsunomiya District Public Prosecutor's Office filed an indictment against the former Sakushin Gakuin student.  The charges: the seventeen-year-old male youth attacked and took money from four female teenagers (fifteen to seventeen years in age) in Utsunomiya between July and August.

Source: Sponichi 11/1/2012

[UPDATE 12/13/2013 @ 2:10am]

The former student denied that he intended to rob two of the four female victims during the first trial hearing on the 9th.  The former student's lawyer is asking the court to consider the extenuating circumstances: he was under a lot of stress from his family and team and that the acts took place suddenly. 

Source: Sponichi 12/12/2013