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Hanshin Tigers could offer new GM position to Katsuhiro Nakamura

by on Aug.20, 2012 @ 1:51 am, under NPB

The media learned on Sunday that the Hanshin Tigers are looking to offer the team's first ever GM position to Katsuhiro Nakamura.  The Tigers may have already reached out to Nakamura about the position and could be named manager of the team as early as this season.

Nakamura was approached by members of the media on Saturday and provided the following quote: "There are still about forty games left on the schedule.  I am in no position to make any comments on that because the team in the middle of trying to make the Climax Series.  So, no comment for me please."

Team owner Shinya Sakai also spoke to reporters on Saturday and admitted the team was thinking about creating a GM position, but denied knowing who the potential candidates were.

Nakamura was drafted by the Tigers in 1971 and remained in the organization, even after his retirement in 1982 -- he coached and managed at both Ni-gun and Ichi-gun levels.  He stepped down as Ichi-gun manager after the 1995 season and later joined the Orix organization as a GM in 2003.  He was then named manager of the Orix team in 2006, before returning to the front office in 2007.  He stayed in the Orix organization until his resignation after the 2009 season.

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FYI: I have mentioned general managers working for the Tigers in past posts, but those posts actually referred to the 本部長, not ゼネラルマネジャー.  While the translations for the two positions can be the same, the jobs are not -- the former (本部長) does not always have a specific set of job duties that can also include handling stuff that goes on between parent companies and teams while the latter (ゼネラルマネジャー) does the same kinds of things MLB GMs are known to do.