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Reps for twelve NPB teams meet to discuss WBC

by on Aug.20, 2012 @ 11:59 pm, under WBC

Reps for the twelve NPB teams met today in Tokyo to go over the details from the meeting the NPB International Relations Committee had with the MLB/WBCI earlier this month.

Of interest, the NPB was able to check on a number of issues they were unsure about with regards to sponsorship and merchandising rights covered in the agreement they have with the MLB/WBCI.  After receiving confirmation, they now know that rights for Samurai Japan can and will be fully controlled by Japan, even during the WBC.

The NPB is expected to sit down with the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association at some point in the near future.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/20/2012, Jiji 8/20/2012, Mainichi 8/20/2012


UPDATE 8/21 @ 11:09am - A couple additions:

  • Japan can claim 100% revenue for all sponsorship and merchandising rights they sell on Samurai Japan, provided they do not have any visible connections to the WBC (like logos, symbols, and phrases).  Source: Sanspo 8/21/2012, Sports Hochi 8/21/2012
  • WBC Inc has reportedly informed the NPB that they are leaning towards excluding Japan from the tournament if they do not provide a final decision before the end of the month.  It seems the MLB also went over some sort of "Plan B" (in case Japan does not participate) during an owners meeting on August 15.  Source: Sports Hochi 8/21/2012

2 comments on “Reps for twelve NPB teams meet to discuss WBC

  1. Steve Novosel

    Might as well not hold the WBC if Japan is not included. The US won’t bother to send a quality team as usual, so that will only be, what, Korea, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba as the teams with decent strength squads? Maybe Venezuela? And Cuba is probably questionable at that given their recent defections.

    1. Gen Post author

      They probably won’t if Japan does not participate. The second Sports Hochi article mentions Anaheim as a possible replacement venue.

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