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Hanshin Tigers: Matt Murton talks about his continued struggles

by on Aug.21, 2012 @ 11:58 am, under NPB

Matt Murton updated his personal blog on Monday with an update on his continued struggles.  The following is a snip from his entry:

After the game we had our usual team meeting to discuss certain plays that occurred during that days game.  The plays in LF were a topic of conversation, which was to be expected.  During that meeting I made sure to accept the blame for having made a mistake during the game, as it was obvious to anyone who saw the game that they could and should have been made!  Unfortunately I am not at liberty to discuss in whole some of the things that occur behind closed doors, but one of the most disappointing things this year hasn't necessarily been the lack of performance.  Rather it has been how at times our character has been challenged and we have been singled out to feel like we don't care!  I would like to think that over the time spent here that would be the one thing that people believed in!  I would have hoped that it was obvious how much this game means to me at this point, and how playing well for the Tigers organization and our fans was a big part of that!  You can tell me all day long that I am not performing up to standards as that is obvious and stating the facts, but to continue time in and time out to attack my integrity is very disappointing and upsetting!  The thing that is confusing to me is if that is the case for myself and certain people, then why is it not true as a whole?  If it were as easy as trying hard and caring then trust me everyone would play baseball and everyone would always do well.  That would be an easy formula for success…work hard=automatic success!  If anything is true it is that sometimes in this game with all of the effort you can muster it is still not good enough!  That's why they say you have to play the game!  Baseball unlike any other sport can prove that on any given day anyone can win!  Even if their talent level isn't as good!  You never know what to expect from baseball and that is part of what makes it such a great game!

If you are a Murton fan, I highly recommend you read the entire update since it does a good job of explaining what he is currently going through.

Incidentally, for those wondering about his first and second-half numbers:

Before the AS break - .241/.263/.322
After the AS break - .281/.352/.391
Season - .248/.279/.333