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Climax Series: Settsu given ManuLife’s Special Award; CL sets new attendance low

by on Oct.16, 2012 @ 1:16 am, under NPB

ManuLife, Pacific League Climax Series sponsor, gave Softbank's Tadashi Settsu their Special Award for his performance in Game 1 of the First Stage of the Climax Series (8 IP, 119 NP, 30 BF, 4 H, 0 HR, 5 SO, 1 BB, 1 HBP, 0 R, 0 ER).  Source: Sponichi 10/16/2012


The Chunichi Dragons drew 23,264 fans to their game on Monday and set a new low for a Central League Climax Series games since the series was instituted in 2007 (this was also the first time a CL CS game attracted less then 30,000).  Source: Nikkan Sports 10/15/2012

2012 First Stage Attendance Figures

Date Day Game Pacific
10/13 Sat 1 32,074 31,146
10/14 Sun 2 33,918 33,852
10/15 Mon 3 25,002 23,264
Totals 90,994 88,262

Nagoya Dome Max Cap: 38,500
Seibu Dome Max Cap: 33,921

7 comments on “Climax Series: Settsu given ManuLife’s Special Award; CL sets new attendance low

  1. muratafan

    Any thoughts on the dreadful attendance?

    Here’s my two cents: it seems that the new ‘dead’ ball has made the game much less exciting. Personally, I can only watch so many sacrifice bunts before I start looking elsewhere.

    I know the economy isn’t exactly gangbusters, but the economy was in worse shape last year than this year. Plus, the Dragons really are a boring team to watch.

    1. Steve Novosel

      Your last sentence is the most important part. They just play dreadfully boring baseball. And they have nobody young and exciting. That whole series was horrible to watch.

      Still, a half empty Nagoya Dome is just pitiful. it’s not like it’s in the boonies, it’s right in Nagoya and convenient to public transportation. That game had 6000 fewer than their regular season AVERAGE. For a climax series game! Unless there was a typhoon or a riot going on outside I cannot understand that at all.

  2. Reece

    You guys might want to keep in mind that the game was on a Monday. Plus, the Pacific League didn’t do a whole lot better.

    1. Steve Novosel

      Tokorozawa is in the middle of nowhere. Nagoya Dome is a few km from downtown. I’ve walked Nagoya Dome to Sakae before, it’s not that far.

      Pacific League was at least closer to capacity and the stadium was much much much more raucous. Nagoya Dome sounded like a tomb until the Blanco HR.

      Dragons fans just didn’t show up, emotionally or physically.

  3. fighting ham

    This year is the 6th year of the CS. The Dragons were in every year. Heck, it’s almost the same member every year in the Central. This year, everyone knows the Dragons’ chance is very slim against the Giants. Yesterday’s tickets were priced higher than a regular season game. Blah, blah…

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