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Tomoyuki Sugano could head overseas if he is selected by a team he does not want to join

by on Oct.16, 2012 @ 7:54 pm, under College

Tomoyuki Sugano held a press conference at the Tokai University grounds in Hiratsuka today and spoke to reporters about his current feelings on the upcoming draft.

Some quotes...

Sugano on the possibility of being selected by a team other than the team he wants to sign with:

"I can only pray that does not happen."

Sugano on his year away from organized baseball:

"It felt short.  I was able to get things done. ... My end goal is not [draft day].  There is a lot to come after that.  I need to do what is necessary to make sure the path I selected ends up being the right one."

Tokai manager Hitoki Yokoi on what Sugano might do if selected by a team other than Yomiuri:

"[Sugano] will probably head overseas, maybe enroll in a study abroad program.  I do not think he will be in Japan."

Source: Sponichi 10/16/2012, Daily Sports 10/16/2012

And Nippon Ham Fighters' GM Masao Yamada told reporters today that the organization will not select Sugano again because:

"We like to select the best overall player [with out first pick].  If you consider the year he spent away from baseball, he can not be the best player available."

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/16/2012


UPDATE 10/17 @ 2:51am - Sanspo has posted the Q&A from the press conference:

What are you current thoughts?

The only thing I can do is do what I can and wait.

How was this past year?

It felt short.  There were times it felt long, but all kinds of people helped me through it.  The 25th is not my final goal.  There is a lot to do after that.  However, I do think that day will be very important.

Did you experience any difficulties?

It was the first time I was in a place where I did not have any real peers.  I could not really speak up about it at the time, but I think that may have been a difficult adjustment.

Did you experience any growth?

I was able to see baseball from all kinds of different perspectives.  I was able to think about pitching and organize my thoughts on what baseball is.

Has you view of life changed?

I wanted to make something of my time so I tried to pass things I noticed to the younger players.  It made me think about wanting to become a coach at some point in the future.

Do you feel you made the right decision?

I struggled when making up my mind and was not sure what the right decision was back then.  I need to move forward in such a way that makes the path I took the right choice.

Do you still feel the same way about the team you would like to sign with?


What will you do if you are selected by some other team?

I can only pray that does not happen.

Source: Sanspo 10/16/2012

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  1. Jon

    No team is gonna draft him other than Yomiuri. I just wonder what if it was Rakuten who drafted him last year and won… would he get a lot of hate for not signing with them especially with the Tohoku Earthquake and since he is a prized prospect the positive impact he could have made …

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