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2012 Nippon Series – Yomiuri Giants win the 2012 Nippon Series

by on Oct.23, 2012 @ 4:00 am, under NPB, Postseason

Final 2012 Standings

2012 Climax Series: Pacific League -- Nippon Ham Fighters advance to Nippon Series

2012 Climax Series: Central League -- Yomiuri Giants advance to Nippon Series

Broadcast Schedule

Yomiuri took the series, 4-2.

Best of seven, first team to four victories.

Date Time Gm Venue Home   Away Attendance TV
10/27 18:10 1 Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants 8-1 Nippon Ham Fighters 44981 17.3% (Kanto)
10/28 18:10 2 Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants 1-0 Nippon Ham Fighters 44932 17.5% (Kanto)
10/29 Travel Day
10/30 18:30 3 Sapporo Dome Nippon Ham Fighters 7-3 Yomiuri Giants 36942 13.7% (Kanto)
10/31 18:30 4 Sapporo Dome Nippon Ham Fighters 1-0 Yomiuri Giants 40433 17.4% (Kanto)
11/1 18:30 5 Sapporo Dome Nippon Ham Fighters 2-10 Yomiuri Giants 40579 19.3% (Kanto)
11/2 Travel Day
11/3 18:10 6 Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants 4-3 Nippon Ham Fighters 45018 23.3% (Kanto)
38.3% (Sapporo) 
11/4 18:10 7 Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants   Nippon Ham Fighters    

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9 comments on “2012 Nippon Series – Yomiuri Giants win the 2012 Nippon Series

  1. Felix Quiros

    As I compare statistics I think that Nippon-Ham’s starting rotation seems to be a little bit better than Yomiuri’s; but the Giants have a good advantage in the bullpen.
    Position by position, I feel that Nippon-Ham has an advantage at first baseman, left fielder and right fielder while Yomiuri has a better infield at second, third and shortstop and perhaps the best japanese catcher.
    I think they are even at right field.
    So I feel optimistic about Yomiuri’s chances to win the Nippon Series.

    1. Gen Post author

      For the starting rotations, I think a lot will depend on which Sawamura shows up and whether or not Sugiuchi healthy.

  2. Felix Quiros

    Sure it is, Gen. Sawamura didn’t pitch bad against the Fighters in one of their interleague game and Toshiya Sugiuchi is needed for this tough series.

  3. Jimmy Lynn Sanchez

    This will go atleast to Game 6 or 7 in favor of the Giants. Game 4 was nearly a draw and Youmiri looks like they will pull this off for their first title since 2009.

  4. Ed

    That “Dead Ball” “Kikken Pitch” call was horrible. His face was way out over the plate. The ball was high, but over the center of the plate a hair to the inside. The ball hit his bat. I don’t think it hit him at all, but I can’t be more than 90% sure because the media won’t show it. They can show a super slow motion double being hit, so clear you can see each stitch on the ball, but on a close play, nah, no one wants that.

    That said, the Giants beat us tonight without the bad call.

    1. Ed

      You are right. The ball touched neither the bat nor Katoh. I think the bat hit Tsuruoka’s glove at the same time as the ball did. And looking at the good video on YouTube, it is clear that the ball was over the center of the plate.

  5. Felix Quiros

    Yomiuri won the sixth game 4-3 and kyojin rules. They’re 2012 Japan Series Champions. Shinnosuke Abe drove in the winning run. So that’s all, folks. This one belongs to the Giants.

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