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Softbank, Nippon Ham, Orix, Rakuten, Lotte: November 28, 2012

by on Nov.28, 2012 @ 11:51 pm, under NPB

Softbank Hawks

Kenji Otonari will be heading to Hawaii with his wife in December for their honeymoon.  He also plans to do some training during his stay.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 11/28/2012


The Hawks signed Ikketsu Sho, Kyohei Odachi, and Ryosuke Shibata to Ikusei contracts worth 4.8M yen.  Source: Nikkan Sports 11/28/2012

Nippon Ham Fighters

Hirotoshi Masui got a 50 million yen raise and will make 90 million yen next season (estimates).  He did not seem fully satisfied during his press conference because he may have been hoping to hit the 100 million yen milestone.  Source: Daily Sports 11/28/2012


It took Hideki Kuriyama seven hours to go from Sendai Airport (Miyagi) to Shin Chitose Airport (Hokkaido) on Tuesday because of poor weather conditions -- he began his trip at around 10:00am and did not land in Hokkaido until after 5:00pm.  Source: Sanspo 11/28/2012

Kuriyama visited five TV studios today.  He was originally supposed to split the load over two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), but had to cram all five in today because of his delayed return to Hokkaido.  Source: Nikkan Sports 11/28/2012

Orix Buffaloes

The Buffaloes may have a position player and pitcher captain next season.  Possible candidates include Tomotaka Sakaguchi as position player captain and Yoshihisa Hirano as pitcher captain.  Source: Sanspo 11/28/2012


The player's slogan for 2013 will be "We can do it!"  As a means to improve communication, new player chairman Keiji Obiki plans to set up an opinion box where anyone in the organization will be able to submit their thoughts.  Source: Sanspo 11/28/2012

One of the things Obiki wants to address as the new player chairman is the player's food menu at Kyocera Dome -- it apparently contains a lot of fried foods, which can be difficult to eat before games.  Source: Sports Hochi 11/28/2012


Takeshi Hidaka and Hayato Terahara attended the player's last meeting of the year on Tuesday.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 11/28/2012

Rakuten Eagles

The Eagles are interested in Kosuke Fukudome and Tony Blanco.  Source: Daily Sports 11/28/2012


Keiji Uezono's uniform number will change from forty-seven to sixty-one.  Source: official announcementNikkan Sports 11/28/2012


Hayato Kawaguchi managed to drop about six kilograms since October. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/28/2012


Ryohei Isaka never managed to make it to the active roster this season and will return as an Ikusei player next season.  His uniform number will change from 13 to 103.  Source: Nikkan Sports 11/28/2012, official announcement

Chiba Lotte Marines

Yoshifumi Okada and Shunichi Nemoto are captain candidates.  Source: Daily Sports 11/28/2012