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12/3/2012: Nippon Ham Fighters meet with Shohei Otani

by on Dec.03, 2012 @ 10:14 pm, under NPB

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The Nippon Ham Fighters met with Shohei Otani and his family at a hotel in Iwate today.

Nikkan Sports...

  • Otani is hoping to make a decision some time this week.  He did not speak to the media, but the following statement was given to the media: "They addressed my concerns and I am grateful.  I would like to inform the team of my decision some time this week because I do not want to cause any more distractions."
  • Otani's father did speak to the press and said his son seemed a lot more open-minded about the Nippon Ham Fighters.  It seems he also felt that his son was worried about all the fuss he was creating for the manager and the organization.
  • The Fighters reportedly did offer the number eleven.  Money amounts were also apparently discussed.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/3/2012


  • Otani was likely offered the max amount on salary and the number eleven.
  • Otani may have been concerned about the problems he might cause if were to change his mind about heading to the Majors right away.
  • The Fighters came away feeling a little more positive than prior meetings.

Source: Sponichi 12/3/2012

Daily Sports...

  • Before parting, Hideki Kuriyama shook Otani's hand and said, "I will really be looking forward to your reply."
  • This will likely be the last meeting between the two sides.
  • Otani's father was quoted as saying, "A decision has yet to be reached.  He has not been able to take that first step yet."

Source: Daily Sports 12/3/2012, Daily Sports 12/3/2012

Mainichi Shimbun...

Some of the things Otani reportedly brought up during the meeting:

  • He was not sure if it was ok for him to change his mind after saying he was going to the US.
  • He was uncertain about how beginning his career as a pitcher/position player/hitter would work.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun 12/3/2012

Jiji Press...

Kuriyama was quoted as saying, "There were some things he was still thinking about, so I explained it to him.  Going both ways means being a hitter and a pitcher.  I think he can do it. [If he decides to join,] I want to create an environment that is easy for him to play in."

Source: Jiji Press 12/3/2012

Yomiuri Shimbun...

Otani's father is also quoted as saying, "I think he is thinking about joining the Nippon Ham."

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun 12/3/2012

Other media outlets are more or less reporting the same thing: