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Chunichi, Yakult, Yomiuri, Hanshin, Hiroshima, Yokohama: December 5, 2012

by on Dec.06, 2012 @ 1:12 am, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Takeshi Yamasaki jokingly told Kosuke Fukudome he owed him 1% in representation fees after he spent some time answering questions about him on Tuesday.  Source: Sanspo 12/5/2012


Ryosuke Hirata has his sights set on twenty home runs next season.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/5/2012


Hirokazu Ibata will be in the final year of a five-year deal.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/5/2012

Yakult Swallows

Shohei Tateyama is thinking about a switch to the left side of the plate because it hurts when he attempts bunts from the right-side of the plate (due to the hand surgeries he had).

Tateyama will be in the second year of a four-year deal.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/5/2012

Yomiuri Giants

Michihiro Ogasawara took a 360 million yen pay cut and will return at 70 million yen next season.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/5/2012

The 360 million drop in salary reportedly set an all-time high in the NPB.  The previous high  of 220 million yen was set by Takeshi Yamasaki when he went from Rakuten to Chunichi in 2011.  For salary drops for players remaining with the same team: 200 million yen for Nobuhiko Matsunaka in 2010 and Naoyuki Shimizu in 2011.  Source: Daily Sports 12/5/2012


Kyosuke Takagi got a twelve million yen raise.  Takagi hitched rides to the stadium from Kentaro Nishimura this past season.  He hopes to purchase a car next year so that he can return to the favor to other players in the future.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/5/2012

Hanshin Tigers

The Tigers signed Lotte senryokugai Keisuke Hayashi (25) to an Ikusei contract.  Source: official announcementNikkan Sports 12/5/2012


Ichi-gun pitching coach Kiyooaki Nakanishi on the closer situation: "We want to inform the pitcher by the 15th.  After that, [there will not be enough time because] things get a little busy.  This is not a simple conversation, so I think we will prepare a hotel room.  We have not informed the pitcher yet."  Source: Sanspo 12/5/2012

Hiroshima Carp

Pitching coach Yasuyuki Yamauchi told Takaya Toda during fall camp to put on ten kilograms during the off-season.  Toda has tried eating ramen late at night to help, but he is still weighs sixty-seven kilograms.  Source: Daily Sports 12/5/2012

Yokohama Bay Stars

Player officers were announced on Wednesday.  Chairman: Tatsuya Shimozono.  Vice chairmen: Takehiro Ishikawa and Kentaro Takasaki.  Treasurers: Sho Aranami, Shun Yamaguchi, and Yoshitomo Tsutsugo.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/5/2012