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A high school player drafted by the Seibu Lions gets caught driving without a license

by on Dec.07, 2012 @ 11:26 pm, under High School, NPB

The media learned today that an eighteen-year-old high school player was arrested by Chiba highway police for driving without license and speeding.  The high school player attends a private school in Chiba and was drafted by the Seibu Lions drafted in October.

According to the high school, the student and a friend went for drive to Tokyo on night of the 3rd.  The friend drove the distance to Tokyo and switched places with the student for the ride back on the 4th.  Chiba Police stopped the student at around 12:40am because he was going 109 kilometers in an 80 kilometer zone -- he was driving on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line (highway) heading toward Kisarazu, Chiba.  Police later found out that he was also driving without a license (he did have a temporary license).

The high school reported the incident to the Japan High School Baseball Federation.  An indefinite suspension was issued, effective the 6th.  The Seibu Lions announced today that the student will not be attending their 2012 draft class press conference on the 13th.  The Lions will sit down with the student before deciding whether or not to void their contract.

Incidentally, Daily Sports notes that the student is 2nd round draft pick Makoto Aiuchi (probably not too hard to tell based on all the other information).

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UPDATE 12/9 @ 1:18am - Some updates:

  • According to Seibu scout Toshio Maeda, Auichi was in tears when he met him on the night of the 4th.
  • Aiuchi is currently serving a "suspension" at the high school manager's house.
  • The Lions have not signed a formal contract with Auichi yet.  Their talks are currently on hold and could even be canceled.
  • Aiuchi wrote a four-hundred letter apology that spanned three pages.
  • Aiuchi's high school manager: "He grew up in a difficult environment...  This is really too bad.  I am disappointed.  He is holding onto the sliver of hope that he will be given another chance."

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UPDATE 12/11 @ 8:51pm - An update:

The Lions will most likely wait to make a decision on Aiuchi until some time in January because they feel it is not their time to step forward yet and because they feel he should spend the rest of the year thinking about what he did.  The organization is also interested in seeing how he handles the punishment from the legal system and from his high school.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/11/2012