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Softbank, Nippon Ham, Seibu, Orix, Rakuten: December 8, 2012

by on Dec.08, 2012 @ 11:57 pm, under NPB

Softbank Hawks

Seiichi Uchikawa will use ASICS bats next season.  He will be testing a couple of bats out before the regular season.  Source: Sanspo 12/8/2012


Yuki Yoshimura is planning to try out bats that weigh between 890 grams and 910 grams during spring camp (the basic shape will remain the same).  That is down from his usual 940 grams.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 12/8/201, Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012


Nobuhiro Matsuda visited Okami Elementary School on Friday and was supposed to give a thirty minute speech to 421 students, but ran out of things to say after just three minutes.  He turned to the teachers for help and managed to fill the rest of the time by answering questions.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 12/8/2012, Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012


Hiroki Kokubo will join the NHK baseball commentary staff.  Source: Sponichi 12/8/2012

Nippon Ham Fighters

Takumi Oshima is ten kilograms lighter than last year.  His body fat content also dropped from twenty-two percent to sixteen percent.  Source: Sponichi 12/8/2012

Seibu Lions

Tatsuya Oishi, Takanori Hoshi, Yuji Onizaki, and Fumikazu Kimura took part in a baseball clinic for junior high school players in Honjo, Saitama today.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012

Orix Buffaloes

Takahiro Okada will test out a modified Shinnosuke Abe model bat.  Okada's bat this season was weighted toward the center while a bat Abe gave him during the Cuba Series was weighted toward the bat head.  The Abe bat also has a head that is a little thinner and a handle that is a little thicker.  The weight of the bat will increase from around 900 grams to between 920 and 930 grams.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 12/8/2012, Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012, Daily Sports 12/8/2012, Sponichi 12/8/2012


Naotaka Takehara has plans to work out with Chiba Lotte Marine Tadahito Iguchi next month.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 12/8/2012

Rakuten Eagles

Senichi Hoshino thinks 1st round draft pick Yudai Mori will be a better pitcher than Shohei Otani (Nippon Ham) and Shintaro Fujinami (Hanshin) in two to three years.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012


Masahiro Tanaka and his wife will hold a wedding ceremony in Hawaii this month.  It will be a private ceremony for family.  Source: Sponichi 12/8/2012