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Chunichi, Yakult, Yomiuri, Hanshin, Hiroshima: December 8, 2012

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Chunichi Dragons

Daisuke Yamai decided to hold off on signing an agreement for the 2013 season because he ran out of time (it had less to do with the offer they gave him or how they evaluated his season, although that did play into the decision) -- his negotiations began about forty minutes late because players before him took more time than expected and he only had about forty-five minutes to speak his mind because he had another obligation.  If he had more time to talk, he may have signed (he may have also gotten them to sweeten their offer a little more).  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012, Sponichi 12/8/2012


The spring camp schedule will be one day off for every five days of work with a game on the fifth day.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 12/8/2012, Sponichi 12/8/2012

Yakult Swallows

Shinya Miyamoto is planning to use two bats next season: a white maple and a black aodamo.

His ideal way of ending his last regular season: Swallows win the CL pennant; the team throws him a retirement ceremony during the last game of the season; he gets penciled into the starting line-up at short, batting second.

Source: Sanspo 12/8/2012, Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012


A Swallows rep told reporters on Friday that Wladimir Balentien, Tony Barnette, Orlando Roman, and Lastings Milledge will return next season.  An official announcement is expected on Monday.  Source: Sanspo 12/8/2012


The Swallows have started looking into possible locations for a team store Jingu Stadium and the Gaienmae subway station.  A Hanshin Tigers store is located in the same area.  Source: Sponichi 12/8/2012

Yomiuri Giants

Tetsuya Utsumi, Yasunari Takagi, Takayuki Terauchi, Hirokazu Sawamura, Yuki Koyama, and Daisuke Fujimura participated in Giants Fukushima Sports Day on Saturday.  The event was held at the Kokutai Kinen Gym in Fukushima; 243 elementary school kids attended.  Source: official announcement


Tatsunori Hara told reporters Ryota Wakiya could be used in the outfield because of his legs.  Wakiya has a preference to play the infield, but is also open to playing other positions if asked.  Source: Sanspo 12/8/2012


Shuichi Murata is planning to use a bat that weighs around 950 grams next year.  That is a difference of about fifty grams, based on the bat he was using at the end of the season.  He will also be using lighter cleats in 2013 -- about 100 grams lighter at 230 grams.  Source: Sponichi 12/8/2012

Murata ordered about 250,000 yen worth of artificial turf (about 10,000 yen per square meter) for a little training area he has in his backyard.  Source: Sponichi 12/8/2012


Shinnosuke Abe has received about 21.95 million yen in award money so far this winter.  Source: Sanspo 12/8/2012

Hanshin Tigers

Takumi Akiyama threw thirty pitches to a standing catcher during a bullpen session at Naruohama today.  He plans to toss a couple more sessions before the end of the year.  Source: Daily Sports 12/8/2012


Ryo Watanabe, Naoto Tsuru, Taichi Okazaki, and Masashi Nohara took part in a youth baseball clinic at Koshien on Saturday.  Fourteen teams (about 250 players) from Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, and the Kinki regions attended.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012


Takahiro Arai plans to prepare both a first baseman's mitt and a third baseman's glove for the 2013 season.  Source: Sanspo 12/8/2012


Ryota Arai has been working on his lower body.  He was able to leg press 570 kilograms (one set, ten reps) the other day.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012, Daily Sports 12/8/2012


Atsushi Nomi spoke after his contract negotiations on Friday and said that he did not like being uncertain about his role next season.  Source: Sports Hochi 12/8/2012, Daily Sports 12/8/2012


Rakuten Eagles' manager Senichi Hoshino hopes the Tigers do not ruin 1st round draft pick Shintaro Fujinami by messing with him too much.

"There have been good pitchers [in the Hanshin organization], but they have been crushed.  The pitching coaches and managers wanted to mess with them.  Do not do that. ... It is obvious [Fujinami] has potential.  Just let him develop as is. ... Be strict, but with care.  They should look to Yu Darvish as an example," said Hoshino.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/8/2012

Pitching coach Takashi Yamaguchi does not expect Fujinami to toss a bullpen session until late during spring camp.  More will be known once he has had a chance to watch the phenom during 2012 draft class training camp in January.  Source: Daily Sports 12/8/2012


Takashi Toritani got the first pay cut of his pro career on Friday.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/8/2012


Kosuke Fukudome will most likely sit down with all the teams that submitted offers one last time before making a final decision.  Source: Daily Sports 12/8/2012

The Tigers are open to sitting down with Fukudome to discuss their offer, if that is something he wants to do.  Their base offer is more or less maxed out, but they are willing to reconsider incentives.   Source: Sponichi 12/8/2012


Owner Shinya Sakai would like to see Kyuji Fujikawa return to the Hanshin Tigers for one last hurrah, perhaps as a starter, before retiring.  Source: Sanspo 12/8/2012

Hiroshima Carp

Shota Dobayashi made modifications to his glove after Yakult Shinya Miyamoto suggested making the finger areas a little smaller while expanding the pocket.  Source: Sports Hochi 12/8/2012

Specifically, the entire glove will be about five millimeters smaller; the pocket area will expand about one centimeter; and each of the fingers, beginning with the index finger, will be about one centimeter shorter.  Source: Sponichi 12/8/2012