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2012 Industrial League Best Nine

by on Dec.11, 2012 @ 9:13 pm, under Industrial

Best Nine

Pos Name JPN Name ENG Team Age Times
P 大城 基志 Oshiro, Motoshi JX-ENEOS 25 1st
C 山岡  剛 Yamaoka, Go JX-ENEOS 29 2nd
1B 梶原 康司 Kajiwara, Koji Pansonic 34 2nd
2B 田村  亮 Tamura, Ryo JR Kyushu 33 1st
3B 宮澤健太郎 Miyazawa, Kentaro JX-ENEOS 32 2nd
SS 田中 広輔 Tanaka, Kohsuke JR Higashi Nihon 23 1st
OF 松本  晃 Matsumoto, Akira JR Higashi Nihon 27 1st
OF 井領 雅貴 Iryo, Masataka JX-ENEOS 23 1st
OF 松島 圭祐 Matsushima, Keisuke Hakuwa Victorys 24 1st
DH 池辺 啓二 Ikebe, Keiji JX-ENEOS 30 3rd

Other Titles

Title Name JPN Name ENG Team Age  
Batting Average 川戸 洋平 Kawato, Yohei Honda 28 .413 (16 G, 69 PA, 63 AB, 26 H)
RBI 梶原 康司 Kajiwara, Koji Panasonic 34 24 RBI (23 G)
Home Runs None
Wins 吉田 一将 Yoshida, Kazumasa JR Higashi Nihon 23 8 W (13 G)
ERA 三橋 尚文 Mitsuhashi, Naobumi JFE Higashi Nihon 33 0.45 ERA (7 G, 40.1 IP, 2 R, 2 ER
Special Award JX-ENEOS For winning their tenth Inter-city Championship
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7 comments on “2012 Industrial League Best Nine

  1. Patrick Wilson


    Since I’m a draft maniac I have a draft question…

    Are players from the Industrial leagues eligible to be drafted every year once they are eligible for the first time?

    For example, Motoshi Oshiro from JX-Eneos, Akiyoshi from Panasonic, Oyama from Sega Samy etc.


    1. fighting ham

      Yes. The exception is that player A was picked by team B the previous year, but A refused to go to B. B can’t pick A again the following year.

    2. Patrick Wilson


      I was wondering because the players I listed were talked about much all year (2012) and were not drafted… This time I only read about Akiyoshi…

      These guys don’t seem to have much velocity so that might explain their situations.

    3. fighting ham

      Practically speaking, if a player is ignored in the first year of his eligibility, his chance of going pro is close to zero. Industrial leaguers usually don’t have any time to waste.

      Or he is so committed to his daytime work that he tells the scouts not to waste draft picks in advance. If he is expected to be a lower pick (unlike Otani this year, even though not an industrial leaguer), that kind of refusal won’t make a news story, I don’t think.

    4. Patrick Wilson

      Great infos!

      Since teams draft from 4 to 7 players every year, I guess they are more excited in going for young players who have high ceilings like Otani than 25 years old who might not want to sign (pretty understandable).

      That explains why I don’t see the same players in the Industrial league prospects this year. I figure that they have a safer economic life working with companies like Honda and playing a good caliber more for the sake of playing…

      Could it be possible that the players like Akiyoshi (Panasonic) are the ones who dream about the pros and are willing to wait for the draft year after year?

      Thanks, I appreciate the time you put into this.

    5. fighting ham

      I am not well versed in individual cases in the industrial leagues. Just because a big name company has a baseball team doesn’t mean its players are treated as official employees with full benefits. They could be on short-term contracts. If that’s the case, going pro would be a better option.

      Sorry, I only know the general stuff.

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