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Yokohama Bay Stars announce Tony Blanco signing

by on Dec.11, 2012 @ 1:51 pm, under NPB

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced their signing of Tony Blanco today.  He has been assigned the number forty-two.

Regarding his contract, according to Daily Sports, it is a two-year deal worth a total 500 million yen a year (200 million yen plus 50 million in incentives per year).

They have released the following statement from Blanco:

"I am very happy about joining the Yokohama Bay Stars.

The Bay Stars appear to be a very energetic team.  Yokohama Stadium is very nice and I love it there.  I think Yokohama fans are very passionate.  I also love Chinese food.

[Alex] Ramirez has given me good advice since my first year in Japan.

I hear the manager does a good job of communicating with players.  I want to get used to the team as soon as possible and take great care of my teammates and teamwork.  I want to help this team win a championship by winning a home run title with the power I have.

Please come to HamaSta and cheer for me!"

Source: official announcement, Daily Sports 12/11/2012


UPDATE @ 11:16pm - Chunichi Dragons' team rep Ryohei Sato on losing Blanco to the Yokohama Bay Stars:

"Blanco hit a game-changing grand slam in the third game of the First Stage of the Climax Series this year.  He helped the team win last year by hitting a game-tying three-run home run against Yokohama.  It was hard to tell how things were going to end until the very last moment.  He was the kind of player that allowed us to sell that kind of dream.  After the end of the season, one of our people visited him in the Dominican Republic.  We did our best to work something out, but unfortunately he did not choose Chunichi.  But this is a business.  We can only respect his decision. ... It will obviously be scary [to face him next year].  But it will also motivate us in games against Yokohama."

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/11/2012

4 comments on “Yokohama Bay Stars announce Tony Blanco signing

  1. muratafan

    Yet, the Eagles paid more for Andruw Jones?!?!

    My goodness. Gen, was there any talk of Blanco being interested in the Eagles or vice versa?

    Blanco is younger, better shape and has (likely) a better attitude about NPB than Jones.

  2. muratafan

    I wonder how much of this was that Jones only has a 1 year contract and Blanco has a 2 year contract? Still, unless Blanco simply didn’t want to play for Rakuten (if there was a reason), I still think Blanco was a far better signing.

  3. Gen Post author

    I think I read something about the Eagles being interested, but I also read that Blanco wanted to play in Kanto region. He also apparently likes Yokohama.

    I’m not sure if the Eagles were ever an option for Blanco.

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