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Softbank, Nippon Ham, Seibu, Orix, Rakuten, Lotte: December 13, 2012

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Softbank Hawks

Kenji Otonari met with the Hawks for a second round of negotiation today and agreed to a 33 million yen raise (up 3 million from their first round of negotiations).  Otonari will make 63 million yen next season.

"It was not so much about the amount.  I decided to [sign] because I felt they were being sincere and because I was more or less satisfied with their evaluation," said Otonari.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/13/2012


Nobuhiko Matsunaka has apparently met Munenori Kawasaki for workouts in Fukuoka at irregular intervals this winter.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/13/2012


Seiichi Uchikawa wants to bat third during the World Baseball Classic.  That could put him in direct competition with Hayato Sakamoto (Yomiuri).

"I have no control over how the team gets set up," said Uchikawa.  "Personally, I would like to bat third.  I have played most of my games batting third and I have a good feel for it.  You always get to bat in the first inning and I feel comfortable there."

He added, "I know it will be a competition.  As for why I want to compete, it is because all I have is my hitting.  I am not great with speed or defense."

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/13/2012

Nippon Ham Fighters

Hideki Kuriyama on Kenji Sato: "I will make [Sato] take the uniform off if he fails next year.  It will be about figuring out what to do to take advantage of his hitting potential.  He will not only play the outfield next season, but also third."

Kuriyama said something similar with regards to Mitsuo Yoshikawa before the start of the 2012 season.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/13/2012

Seibu Lions

Tatsuya Oishi will move out of the player dorms in January and begin living on his own.  He is planning to cook his own food.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/13/2012

Orix Buffaloes

Mitsutaka Goto will be in the third year of a three-year deal.  He told reporters that the contract he signed after the 2010 season was for three years at 450 million yen, not 300 million.  His salary next year will be 150 million yen.  Source: Daily Sports 12/13/2012


Yoshihisa Hirano will make 150 million yen next season.  There is a good chance he could end up being the highest paid Japanese player on the Orix roster next year.  Source: Sports Hochi 12/13/2012

Hirano could be a setup man or closer next season.  Source: Sponichi 12/13/2012


Mamoru Kishida is preparing himself as a starter because there is a good chance he will be asked to join the starting rotation next year.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 12/13/2012


The Buffaloes received a list of protected players from the Softbank Hawks on Wednesday.  The team will have until January 13 to make a decision on what they want as compensation for losing Hayato Terahara.  Source: Sports Hochi Osaka 12/13/2012

Rakuten Eagles

The media learned today that Masahiro Tanaka and his wife Mai held a wedding ceremony in Hawaii on the 11th (10th Japan time).  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/13/2012


Hiroshi Katayama has plans to work out with a number of different kinds of athletes next month -- like a soccer player, a pro golfer, and a horse jockey.  Source: Sports Hochi 12/13/2012


Taishi Nakagawa will be returning to the seventy-man roster next season.  His uniform number will change from 156 to 56.  Source: official announcement


Newly acquired Tomoki Hoshino will be assigned a different uniform number: from 25 to 00.  Source: official announcement


The Eagles are planning to give Andruw Jones the number twenty-five.  Source: Sponichi 12/13/2012

Chiba Lotte Marines

3rd round draft pick Tatsuhiro Tamura is apparently a little sad that Nippon Ham Fighter 1st round draft pick Shohei Otani is no longer replying to his e-mails.

"I asked [Otani] what he was going to do over e-mail, but he just ignores me.  I think I e-mailed him about three times. ... I am constantly in touch with [Hanshin Tiger 1st round draft pick Shintaro] Fujinami and he is a nice guy, but nothing from Otani.  He does not care about me.  How sad," said Tamura.

Source: Sanspo 12/13/2012


Members of the 2012 draft class got a tour of a Lotte sweets factory in Urawa, Saitama today.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/13/2012

General News

Six Pacific League players -- Yuki Karakawa (Lotte), Koji Aoyama (Rakuten), Kazuya Murata (Nippon Ham), Takanori Hoshi (Seibu), Hirotoshi Kitagawa (Orix), and Shota Takeda (Softbank) -- visited Isobe Elementary School and Nakamura Dai-Ni Elementary School in Soma, Fukushima on Wednesday as part of the Power of Baseball project.  Source: Sponichi 12/13/2012