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Shohei Otani Press Conference News and Notes: December 25, 2012

by on Dec.26, 2012 @ 12:31 am, under NPB

Shohei Otani press conference updates from December 25.

  • The press conference took place at a hotel in Sapporo.  Hideki Kuriyama was also present.
  • 150 members of the media covered the event.
  • Otani's parents sat in the front row.  Said Otani's father: "I just feel relieved.  I am a little sad though, since this means he will be leaving us to begin his career as a professional player."
  • Otani got a our of Sapporo Dome after the press conference.
  • Otani got a chance to pitch off the mound (Kuriyama swung and missed) and take a swing in the batter's box (swing against an imaginary pitch thrown by Kuriyama).
  • Otani got the max contract,  15 million base salary, 50 million in incentives, and a 100 million signing bonus, and the number eleven.

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Nikkan Sports is carrying a portion of the press conference:

On what it means to become a baseball player.

Many people greeted me when I arrived at the airport.  That was great and it made me feel happy. It is sinking in.

Your dream with Nippon Ham?

I never won a championship when I was high school, so I would like to follow my teammates on the Fighters as I develop and do my best to help win a championship.

On being a pitcher and hitter.

I want to do my best as both.  I want to become the type of player that has a stable career at Ichi-gun.

Is there a Nippon Ham player you want to emulate?

[Atsunori] Inaba is a player that I watched since a I was younger.  I would be grateful for a chance to talk to him.  [Sho] Nakata's home run during the Nippon Series made a lasting impression.  There are many wonderful players on the team.

On you first visit to Hokkaido.

There are many nice people here.  It made me want to work hard.

Anything you would like to say to your parents?

I was probably the cause of a lot headaches.  I would like to give back to them by making it to Ichi-gun and playing at the top level in Japan.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/25/2012