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Chunichi, Yakult, Yomiuri, Hanshin, Hiroshima, Yokohama: December 30, 2012

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Chunichi Dragons

Daisuke Yamai played catch using a WBC baseball at the Chunichi indoor training facilities on Saturday.  He maxed out at a distance of about seventy meters.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/30/2012


Motonobu Tanishige will hold a mini camp with three of the other catchers on the team -- Akihiro Maeda, Masato Matsui, and Ikusei Ryuichiro Akada -- next month.  Workouts will begin on January 7.  Yokohama's Shuto Takajo is also slated to attend.  Source: Sponichi 12/30/2012


Soma Yamauchi, Junki Ito, Yuta Muto, and Keisuke Seki will be working out with Takuya Asao in Guam next month.  Asao spoke to reporters on Friday and said that he planned to spend some time catching the four pitchers so that he can give them better advice.  He began his high school career as a catcher.  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/30/2012

Yakult Swallows

Tatsuyoshi Masubuchi and Tsuyoshi Ueda are thinking about holding workouts with Tadanari Lee (soccer) this winter.  Source: Sponichi 12/30/2012


Akinori Iwamura is thinking about continuing to use a special personalized version of Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's Kizuna as his intro music next season.  He might also bring back Eikichi Yazawa's Tomaranai Ha-Ha.  Source: Sanspo 12/30/2012

Iwamura on his opportunity to play with the Swallows: "If I try and do not have a productive season, then I think it will be easier to quit.  I began playing because I love the game, that means I need to be the one that takes care of myself.  Yakult made me the player I am, they let me go to the America, and they are giving me a chance to play now.  For that, I am extremely grateful.  I want to give back to the organization.  Instead of thanking them thousands of times, I think collecting a hit, being a productive player is more important."  Source: Sanspo 12/30/2012


Mikinori Kato (27) retired and took on a job with Yakult HQ as a member of their home delivery sales staff.  Source: Sanspo 12/30/2012


Senryokugai Yasuhiro Ichiba (30) is not ready to retire.  He has not received any offers from NPB teams and is ready to head overseas for playing opportunities (US, Korea, Taiwan).  Source: Sanspo 12/30/2012

Yomiuri Giants

Shinnosuke Abe feels Kenji Yano is best suited to pull the time together (interim captain) while he is away at the WBC.  Source: Sanspo 12/30/2012, Sponichi 12/30/2012

Hanshin Tigers

Pitching coach Kiyooki Nakanishi will give Daiki Enokida a look as a starter during games in February.  Nakanishi also said that he ideally wanted three righties and three lefties in the rotation.  Source: Daily Sports 12/30/2012


The coaches will check to see how well Tsuyoshi Nishioka can run the bases during games exhibition games.  If it seems like he can handle it, they may let him steal bases on his own during the regular season.  Source: Daily Sports 12/30/2012


The Tigers are introducing a new scouting system that should allow scouts to work more efficiently while allowing them to provide more data.  Source: Daily Sports 12/30/2012


The Tigers finished salary negotiations with sixty-three of their players.  They also currently have sixty-five players on the seventy-man roster.  Their estimated payroll for 2013 will be about 2.84 billion yen, down from the 3.84 billion this past season.  Source: Sanspo 12/30/2012


Tomoaki Kanemoto worked out at Athlete (gym in Hiroshima) today with the Arai brothers and Sho Nakata (Nippon Ham).  Source: Nikkan Sports 12/30/2012

Kanemoto appeared at a press conference at the Japan National Press Club on Thursday and said if he were to ever manage a team, Hiroshima would be the easiest place for him to go.  Source: Sponichi 12/28/2012

Hiroshima Carp

Yusuke Nomura is thinking about adding sumo training to his off-season workouts this winter.  A former Koryo High School teammate, Junpei Morimune, is currently working towards becoming a sumo in training.  Source: Sanspo 12/30/2012

Yokohama Bay Stars

GM Shigeru Takada apparently does not like how friendly some players are with opponents, especially graduates from the same schools, during pre-game practice (and even during games).

"That was never done a long time ago.  At least not on the field.  It was unthinkable back when I played the game," said Takada.

Takada also reportedly referred to an incident when Kisho Kagami appeared to salute Yoshinobu Takahashi (Yomiuri) during a game on July 5 (said hello during first at bat, gave up a home run during the second at bat).  Kagami explained to reporters that it was a misunderstanding.

"When I am on the mound, I talk to myself in order to focus.  That may have made it seem like I was saluting someone," said Kagami.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/30/2012, Sports Hochi 12/30/2012, Daily Sports 12/30/2012


Senryokugai Naoyuki Shimizu wants to continue playing and will keeping trying until tryouts next year.  Source: Sanspo 12/30/2012