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Important Announcement: Site could go down 24 to 48 hours for server upgrade

by on Jan.13, 2013 @ 12:22 am, under Site Updates

This site is currently running on a server that is a bit outdated.  While it is good enough to run the site, there are some security issues that can only be addressed by moving to a new server.  The physical move should not take very long, but getting the new IP address mapped to the domain name can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours (sometimes a lot less, sometimes a lot more).  That means Yakyubaka will not be accessible during this time.

I have already backed-up most of the data on this server for the move.  I still have a few more things to do though.  Assuming I can get it all done within the next few hours, I plan to begin the move to the new server.  The IP switch on the domain name will be made once all the files have been uploaded.

I will post another update within the next few hours to let everyone know where I am in the schedule and whether or not the server upgrade is going to happen.

I know it is sudden, but unfortunately due to my schedule, this is the best I can do.

UPDATE @ 4:36am - The upgrade will take place at some point this weekend, but I'm not entirely sure when yet.  I'm waiting to hear back on a couple of things with my webhost and once everything is settled, the new server should go online.

Since it is past 4:30am though, I figure I'll hit the sack now, get some shut-eye, and resume when I wake up.

I'll post another update when I have more details.

UPDATE @ 11:32am - Just a quick update: still waiting to hear back from my webhost.  It's probably taking a bit longer for them to respond because it's the weekend.

UPDATE 1/14 @ 2:56am - Another quick update: the new server is still being provisioned.  Not really sure how long it's going to take.  Hopefully it'll be up before the end of the three day weekend here in Japan.

UPDATE 1/14 @ 11:49am - The new server is up and running so I will be spending time setting things up and transferring files over.  Once that's done, I'll be updating the IP assigned to the domain name.  I'll post another update when I do that.

UPDATE 1/14 @ 5:03pm - I have begun transferring data over.  I have also modified portions of the domain and plan to go through with the full changes shortly, which means the site could become inaccessible at some point.

UPDATE 1/14 @ 8:31pm - Ok, transfer/upgrade done for this site.  Still have a couple more to go.

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