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NPB: Results from player surveys on second careers [1/28/2013]

by on Jan.30, 2013 @ 4:40 am, under NPB

The NPB released results from their annual player survey on second careers.  Some of the numbers:

  • 246 players from all 12 NPB teams participated in the survey.  Average age: 23.7.  Average number of playing years: 3.9.
  • 71.5% of players are worried about their lives after retirement (up from 70% last year).  Most were worried about what they were going to do next (46.7%) and salary (44.5%).
  • The top five jobs that players wanted to try after retirement:
    1. restaurant owner - 17.8% (up from 13.0%)
    2. high school coach - 15.0% (down from 28.4%)
    3. pro yakyu coach - 13.5% (up from 8.6%)
    4. university, industrial league coach - 8.6% (down from 11.7%)
    5. advanced scout / scout - 8.0% (down from 11.1%)

Note: the NPB explains the sudden drop in players with interest in becoming high school coaches to a change in wording. The latest survery reflects the new rules for becoming a high school coach and players may have been confused by the changes to the question -- the option changed from "High School Coach" to "Get a teaching license, coach baseball."

Source: official results (in Japanese)