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Meiji University to hold spring camp in US, play two games against Dodgers’ minor league team

by on Feb.19, 2013 @ 2:59 pm, under College

Meiji University will be in the US for spring camp between February 7 and March 17.

Below is the schedule:

Date Day Schedule
2/27 Wed Leave Japan   Vero Beach, FL
2/28 Thu Practice   Vero Beach, FL
3/1 Fri Practice   Vero Beach, FL
3/2 Sat Practice   Vero Beach, FL
3/3 Sun Practice   Vero Beach, FL
3/4 Mon Practice   Vero Beach, FL
3/5 Tue Practice then head to CA   Vero Beach, FL
3/6 Wed Tour of Dodger Stadium   Los Angeles, CA
3/7 Thu Game vs Pepperdine Univ 14:00 Los Angeles, CA
3/8 Fri Practice   Los Angeles, CA
3/9 Sat Practice then head to AZ   Los Angeles, CA
3/10 Sun Watch WBC   Glendale, AZ
3/11 Mon Game vs Yavapai College 13:00 Glendale, AZ
3/12 Tue Game vs LA Dodgers MiLB Team 15:00 Glendale, AZ
3/13 Wed Game vs Paradise Valley Community College 15:00 Glendale, AZ
3/14 Thu Game vs LA Dodgers MiLB Team 15:00 Glendale, AZ
3/16 Sat Return to Japan   Glendale, AZ
3/17 Sun Return to Japan   Glendale, AZ


UPDATE 3/9 @ 2:37pm -

The Pepperdine University game ended in a 1-1 tie.  Source: Twitter

UPDATE 3/13 @ 1:51pm -

Yavapai College beat Meiji University, 4-1.  Source: GameChanger

The Dodgers MiLB team beat Meiji University, 5-2.  Source: Twitter