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Hanshin Tigers: Shintaro Fujinami makes second exhibition game start

by on Mar.17, 2013 @ 10:08 pm, under NPB

1st round draft pick Shintaro Fujinami started an exhibition game against Seibu at Seibu Dome today (box score).  He allowed two runs on five hits, two walks, and one HBP over five innings of work.   He also struck out five and topped out at 148km/h.

1st inning

Kaneko, Yuji - fouled off first pitch, 147km/h; ground out to short on 2-1, 145km/h fastball.
Kataoka, Yasuyuki - eight pitch walk.
Kuriyama, Takumi - single to right on 2-1, 144km/h fastball, out at second, Kataoka to third.
Ortiz, Jose - strikeout swinging on 3-2, 139km/h slider/cutter. 

2nd inning

German, Esteban - ground out to first on 1-0, 146km/h fastball.
Akiyama, Shogo - three pitches, strikeout swinging, 136km/h fork ball.
Asamura, Hideto - single to center on 0-1, 146km/h fastball.
Uemoto, Tatsuyuki - HBP on second pitch.
Nagae, Kyohei - strikeout swinging on 1-2, 134km/h slider.

3rd inning

Kaneko - strikeout swinging on 1-2, 145km/h fastball.
Kataoka - walk on 3-1, 145km/h fastball.
Kuriyama - fly out to right on 2-0, 135km/h off-speed pitch.
Kataoka thrown out at first by Atsushi Fujii with Ortiz up to bat.

4th inning

Ortiz - single to center on 2-0, 145km/h fastball.
Tashiro entered game as a pinch-runner for Ortiz and stole second.
German - ground out to second on 2-2 pitch, Tashiro to third.
Akiyama - RBI single to right on 1-0, 143km/h fastball.
Asamura - fly out to center on first pitch.
Balk with Uemoto batting, Akiyama to second.
Uemoto - RBI single to left on 3-2, 132km/h pitch.
Nagae - strikeout swinging on 1-2, 132km/h pitch.

5th inning

Kaneko - ground out to first on 1-1 pitch.
Kataoka - ground out to first on 2-2 pitch.
Kuriyama - ground out to third on first pitch, 144km/h fastball.

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