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Sanspo: Shintaro Fujinami post-game interview with the media from Sunday

by on Mar.18, 2013 @ 4:19 pm, under NPB

Sanspo has posted a portion of 1st round draft pick Shintaro Fujinami's post-game interview with the media after Sunday's start against Seibu.

On your outing.

I did not feel great out there and gave up two runs.  There were times I was not pitching at my best and I do not think I did a very good job.  I flew open a little and fell behind in the count.  I gave up unnecessary walks.

You got strikeouts when you really needed them.

Strikeouts are the best kind of out, so I was going after them.

You threw a personal high eighty pitches.

I can throw more.  I did not feel very taxed.

You faced fellow Osaka Toin alumnus Hideto Asamura (Seibu).

He got a hit off me on a bad pitch.  But that is the difference between high school [and professional players].

What was mentioned when they called you on a balk?

I think I was a bit slow.  It was a first since junior high.  In high school, you just get warnings.

You topped out at 148km/h.

I am not really concerned about velocity.  I am fine with 140km/h, so long as I can get hitters out.

What kind of adjustments did you make in the 5th inning?

I felt I was not using my lower body very well, so I made sure I to focus on staying back on my back leg during my last inning.  The quality of my pitches improved [in the 5th].

You gave yourself a seventy percent in your last outing and your outing before that.

Today was very bad.  I think it was a sixty or sixty-five percent.

Source: Sanspo 3/18/2013