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What comes next for Samurai Japan?

by on Mar.19, 2013 @ 4:50 pm, under WBC

What comes next for Samurai Japan?


  • The NPB is happy with Yamamoto's work during the WBC.  They could extend his contract, which runs through to the end of the month.
  • Samurai Japan will probably play some exhibition games in the fall.  However, nothing has been set in stone yet.  Until the schedule is determined, personnel decisions will not be made.
  • The Samurai Japan brand has already secured over one billion yen in sponsorship deals.

Source: Sanspo 3/19/2013Sanspo 3/19/2013

Sports Hochi:

  • Yamamoto will likely step down as manager of Samurai Japan for the time being.
  • Other than some exhibition games in the fall, nothing else has been decided.  The NPB will consider all options as it puts together plans for what comes next.
  • There are some that are interested in asking Yamamoto to return and he will likely be involved in some capacity.
  • Personnel decisions will be held off until the NPB figures out what comes next for Samurai Japan.

Source: Sports Hochi 3/19/2013

Nikkan Sports:

  • Additional details for the Premium 12 will be decided during an IBAF meeting in Japan on April 14.
  • There is a chance Yamamoto will be given a contact extension as manager, however, it may only be in name and until the Premium 12 tournament.
  • Personnel decisions will not be made until a schedule is determined.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/19/2013, Nikkan Sports 3/19/2013, Nikkan Sports 3/19/2013


Shohei Otani and Shintaro Fujinami could make the roster for the next WBC.  There is also a good chance that they will participate in the Premium 12 in 2015.

Source: Sponichi 3/19/2013

10 comments on “What comes next for Samurai Japan?

  1. Steve Novosel

    A bit premature for roster speculation for the 2017 team, ne? Who knows if those two will even be good pros or if they will turn into Saito Yuki.

  2. muratafan

    The guy who I think will be a stud by then is Yuki Kuniyoshi of the Baystars. Big, tall and has a plus fastball. He’s only 21 right now, but since he never played at Koshien and he plays for Yokohama, nobody knows about him.

    1. fighting ham

      By nobody, you mean casual fans, right? His built alone easily makes him special for a pitcher. A stud in 4 years? I don’t know. His skills are still too “raw” at this point.

      1. muratafan

        4 years is a long time for a 21 year-old pitcher to improve. I agree that his skills are pretty raw, but he was probably a bit rushed to Ichi-gun since the Baystars are so lacking in quality pitching. Either way, it will be interesting to see how Kuniyoshi develops.

  3. DeNA Steve

    One reason that Samurai Japan did not win the 2013 WBC, they had no Baystars players, that is why they did not advance and that is why the Yokohama Baystars will win the 2013 NPB Championship.

    1. Steve Novosel

      Ehhhh no. Even among Japanese fans almost all non-Giants fans would rather see anyone but the Giants win, but among foreign fans the Giants hate is pretty close to universal. There are a few outliers, though.

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