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BIS will begin transmitting stats on opening day

by on Mar.28, 2013 @ 9:53 pm, under NPB

The NPB announced today that the stat tracking system BIS will once again begin transmitting stats on the 28th.  Stats were not officially transmitted during the exhibition game season because of system issues.

According to the NPB, up until last year, stat information was transmitted per plate appearance, but due to still unresolved technical issues, updates will take place after every half inning.

The stats provided by BIS are used by various news agency.  The data is also used by various mobile sites and games.

Source: Sports Hochi 3/28/2013

7 comments on “BIS will begin transmitting stats on opening day

  1. Patrick Wilson


    I was wondering why the NPB official site was not updated? No rosters for 2013. No schedule, Ni-gun boxscores etc.

    Please someone tell me it’s coming?

    Or maybe there is a new site?


    1. fighting ham

      Aren’t you the guy who buys Japanese baseball magazines about amateur players from Kinokuniya(?) in the US? I am hoping so because the online information I am about to give you needs some reading skill of Japanese.

      About your first question, the problem is really complicated, but the following link explains it well. (Sorry, not easy to read.)

      About stats, etc., there are better sites. Please search for “エキサイトベースボール”, “プロ野球Freak”, and “ヌルデータ置き場” with Google. (Sorry, I am trying to avoid a possible link spam filter.)

      1. Patrick Wilson


        Yes that’s me.

        I was looking to get a japanese class in college but… I can’t really read it now…

        So it’s hopeless as far as the official site? Is that it?


        1. fighting ham

          So, are there English pages at the official site? I couldn’t find it. But it says in Japanese that they will start providing stats starting early April.

        2. Gen Post author

          If I’m not mistaken, they were a little late in updating the English site last season as well. Plus, as fighting ham mentioned, there were some issues that had to be worked out with their new system. The Japanese site has updated rosters, but no updated stats. I’m sure once the Japanese site gets updated, the English site will follow.

          1. Patrick Wilson

            Thanks to both of you!

            Of course I’m grateful for everything I can read here (stats included). It’s true that the NPB site is a little light as far as the boxscores but the Ni-gun stats are useful to follow the prospects out of each new drafts…

            Hoping it’s just late like last year.

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