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JWBL issues suspensions to players that failed to graduate from vocational school

by on Mar.31, 2013 @ 3:25 am, under Women's Baseball

The Japan Women's Baseball League started running a "second career" program in 2010 that aimed to provide players with other work options for when they retire from baseball.  The league announced on Friday that eight players failed to earn certifications as judo therapists because they did not graduate from their vocational school.  The players have been issued partial suspensions from games this season.

Tiara Cup

  • Cannot be named to the starting line-up on the first day of the first ten tournaments.
  • They will be allowed to play on the first day of the tournament, but not until the 5th inning.
  • They can be named to the starting line-up on the second game.

Victoria Series

  • Cannot play until the fifth game of the series.

The eight players that were suspended:

Konishi, Mika (West Flora)
Matsumoto, Ikuyo (West Flora)
Atsugase, Miki (South Dione)
Nihara, Chie (South Dione)
Kawaho, Maya (East Astraia)
Iwaya, Miri (North Reia)
Kokubo, Shino (North Reia)
Takizawa, Aya (North Reia)

Players that graduated from their vocational school were not issued suspensions, regardless of whether or not they passed the state examinations.

Source: official announcement

UPDATE @ 8:45pm -

Daily Sports notes that all eight players were Hyogo members when they first started the "second career" program and that there may have been problems with the vocational school they attended.

Source: Daily Sports 3/31/2013


The JWBL season began on Saturday with the Tiara Cup Kyoto Tournament.

Dione 3 - Flora 7
Reia 4 - Astraia 4*

Fiora will play Astraia in the Finals on Sunday.  Dione and Reia will play for third place.

* captains from each team drew lots to determine winner

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    Was actually a bit heartened by this: The list has 3 of their “poster” stars in Konishi, Atsugase and Kokubo. Suspension rules are a bit…weird (Flora just put Mika Konishi right in as a reliever in the 5th, for instance), but I do think it shows more than a token effort at making sure the players have something to fall back on…

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