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PL Gakuen issued six month suspension for violence within the team

by on Apr.09, 2013 @ 3:12 pm, under High School

The Japan Student Baseball Association (JSBA) held a review meeting today and decided issued a six month suspension to PL Gakuen for violence within the team.  The suspension will run from February 24 to August 23.  PL Gakuen will not be able to compete in the Osaka Tournament for the Summer Koshien.

According to reports, a number of second year students physically abused a first year student in the school dormitory on February 23.  The first year student did not suffer any severe injuries, but was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Source: Daily Sports 4/9/2013

UPDATE @ 8:51pm - Nikkan Sports has additional details...

The incident in question took place around 10:00pm on February 23.  Two second year students (now third year students) called two first year students (now second year students) to a room inside the school dorm.  One of the second year students told one of the two first year students to make fun of the other second year student.  The first year student reluctantly complied and was then hit and kicked by the second year student he teased.

The second year took the same first year student to another second year student and repeated the same thing.  The first year student was beaten again, but this time even worse than the first time.  The first year student began convulsing and had to be taken away in an ambulance.

The JSBA decided on a six month suspension because they felt it was a blatant case of bullying.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/9/2013