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Nippon Ham Fighters: Shohei Otani’s first official Ni-gun start

by on Apr.11, 2013 @ 2:58 pm, under NPB

1st round draft pick Shohei Otani started a Ni-gun game against Lotte today at QVC Marines.  He allowed three runs over four innings of work.  This was his first outing since a two-inning relief stint during a Ni-gun game against Seibu on March 28.

Final line: 69 NP, 4.0 IP, 5 H, 3 BB, 2 SO, 3 R, 2 ER.  Topped out at 152km/h.

Attendance: 2,587


1st Inning (first eight pitches were all fastballs)

  • Shohei Kato: 1-1, 149km/h fastball, infield single to short
  • Takuya Takahama: 3-1 (Kato advances to second on bad pick-off throw), 147km/h fastball, walk
  • Takashi Ogino: 2-1, 144km/h fastball, grounder to short, out at second, throwing E6 to first, one run scores
  • Shoitsu Omatsu: first pitch, 151km/h fastball strike; second pitch, 150km/h fastball, foul; third pitch, 126km/h change, fly out to first
  • Tomoya Satozaki: 3-1, 148km/h fastball, walk, runners on first and second
  • Takumi Kobe: 1-0, 149km/h fastball, ground out to short

2nd inning

  • Naoya Emura: 0-2, 134km/h slider, strikeout swinging
  • Kota Sumi: 1-1, 149km/h fastball, single to center
  • Shota Omine: 1-1, 145km/h fastball, double to left, runners on second and third
  • Kato: first pitch, 147km/h, foul out to third
  • Takahama: 3-2, 151 km/h fastball, walk, bases loaded
  • Ogino: first pitch, 150km/h fastball, two-run single to center
  • Omatsu: 1-0, 150km/h fastball, ground out to third

3rd inning (fifty-six pitches at the end of the inning)

  • Satozaki: first pitch, 97km/h slow curve, strike looking; second pitch, 143km/h fastball, fly out to right
  • Kobe: 3-2, 140km/h fastball, fly out to left
  • Emura: fourth pitch, 152km/h fastball, foul; 1-2, slider, foul out to first.

4th inning

  • Sumi: 3-1, 136km/h fastball, fly out to second
  • Shota: 1-2, fourth pitch, 127km/h slider, double to left
  • Kato: first pitch, fastball, fly out to left.
  • Takahama: mixture of slow-curves and changes; 148km/h fastball, strikeout swinging

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