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[4/12/2013] Nippon Ham, Softbank, Lotte

by on Apr.12, 2013 @ 11:45 pm, under NPB

Nippon Ham Fighters

According to Sponichi, there are three things 1st round draft pick Shohei Otani has to work on: control, things outside of pitching (like fielding balls off the mound and then throwing to different bases, pick-off throws), and stamina.

Otani's next Ni-gun outing will likely come on the 21st against Rakuten at Kamagaya.  He could make his Ichi-gun debut (as a pitcher) as early as May 8 vs Rakuten at Sapporo Dome.  After that, he could start an Inter-league game against Yomiuri on the 19th.

Source: Sponichi 4/12/2013Sponichi 4/12/2013

Otani's next Ni-gun outing could either be on the 20th against the Futures or the 21st against Rakuten (both at Kamagaya).  He will likely start the game and will be allowed to throw eighty to ninety pitches.  He could make his Ichi-gun debut as early as the 29th against Orix at Sapporo Dome.

Source: Sports Hochi 4/12/2013

Otani did not play in tonight's game against Orix.  He did participate in pre-game workouts -- he took fielding practice in right for about thirty minutes and swung the bat twenty-four times (hit three over the fence) during batting practice.

Source: Sanspo 4/12/2013

Softbank Hawks

Tomoaki Egawa hurt his left thumb during his at bat in the 1st inning of tonight's game against Lotte.  He was removed from the game on defense in the 4th and will likely be taken off the active roster on Saturday.

Source: Sponichi 4/12/2013


Hayato Terahara pitched in a Ni-gun game against Hiroshima today.  He tossed three shutout innings while allowing one hit.

Source: Sponichi 4/12/2013


1st round draft pick Nao Higashihama became the second player in franchise history to give up a grand slam in their Ichi-gun debut.  The other: Toyohiko Yoshida on April 10, 1988.

Source: Sponichi 4/12/2013

Higashihama also became the third rookie to throw fifty-two or more pitches in one inning.  The other two: Kazuhiko Takahashi (fifty-four on June 3, 1986) and Yuki Shichijo (fifty-three pitches on August 17, 2011).

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/12/2013


The Hawks added Ikusei pitcher Sho Arima to the seventy-man roster on Thursday.  His number changed from 140 to 62.  His salary this season will be five million yen.

Source: official announcementNikkan Sports 4/11/2013

Chiba Lotte Marines

The Marines had fifteen security guards at Thursday's Ni-gun game against Nippon Ham, five more than usual.  They also attracted 2,587 fans, which is about three times as many as the 800 or so they normally average.

Source: Sponichi 4/12/2013