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Hanshin Tigers: Shintaro Fujinami’s post-game interview with the media

by on Apr.14, 2013 @ 11:08 pm, under NPB

Daily Sports has posted Shintaro Fujinami's post-game interview with the media after his first pro victory today.

Interviewer: Your thoughts after your first victory.

Fujinami: I am happy.  And I am happy that I was able to record my first victory at Koshien.

Interviewer: What does the game ball feel like?

Fujinami: I am very happy.  This is a very important ball.

Interviewer: You recorded your first victory at Koshien, where you won consecutive Spring and Summer tournaments.

Fujinami: I enjoy pitching here and I had the fans pulling for me.  I did not have my best stuff, but I managed.

Interviewer: You executed a successful squeeze bunt.

Fujinami: I am just glad that the ball rolled to a good spot.

Interviewer: Fellow Osaka Toin grad [Tsuyoshi] Nisihioka is standing next to you.

Fujinami: He is a dependable guy.  I am grateful for his help.

Interviewer: Nishioka, what did you think of Fujinami's performance?

Nishioka: Yesterday, Osaka Toin grads let a game get away and I feel bad for that.  I am glad that I was able to pair up with another Osaka Toin grad and do better today.

Interviewer: How did he look from second?

Nishioka: He looked big.  It is a first step in what I think will be a long career.  He will be a reliable pitcher.  He will leave his mark.

Interviewer: What kind of person is he?

Nishioka: He is very serious.  Osaka Toin grads can be a little wild...  He is smart and is more of an adult than me.

Interviewer: Is there anything he can learn from you?

Nishioka: What you see is what you get.  I think it best he not look to me as an example.  Shintaro's first step in baseball.  I just want to congratulate him.

Interviewer: 45,000 fans were in the stands.

Fujinami: I heard their cheering and they provided me with strength.  I will continue to work hard so please watch after me.

Interviewer: Nishioka, how do you grade Fujinami's performance?

Nishioka: Can it be graded.  It should be 100%, since he won.  But he copied my word (laugh).  We never even spoke about it beforehand.  What a surprise.

Interviewer: How do you grade his interview?

Nishioka: I guess about a twenty (laugh).  This is really a great day for Shintaro.  I will leave you with him.  Thank you.

Interviewer: Nishioka left the interview stage.  Speaking for the team, please tell us your thoughts about the upcoming Yomiuri series that begins on the 16th.

Fujinami: They are at the top and they are the Giants.  I will do my best to help the team win as a whole over the course of the year, one game at a time.

Interviewer: Lastly, what is your goal for the season?

Fujinami: I have not set any specific numbers.  I just want to do my best to help the team win, each time they give me the ball, one game at a time.

Source: Daily Sports 4/14/2013