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[5/26/2013] Shintaro Fujinami (HAN) and Shohei Otani (HAM) post-game interviews from Sunday

by on May.27, 2013 @ 2:25 am, under NPB

Nikkan Sports and Sponichi have posted portions of Shintaro Fujinami (Hanshin) and Shohei Otani (Nippon Ham) post-game interviews from Sunday.

First, Nikkan Sports:

You won your fourth game.

I am glad I won.  It was business as usual up there on the mound.

It was your first Ichi-gun game in a little while.

I did not feel quite right since it has been some time, but I had some help from [Akihito] Fujii and was able to pitch well.

On facing [Shohei] Otani.

I am glad he did not hit any home runs off me.  I am glad it was just doubles.

You will be facing him more in the future.

This is something that interests the fans so I would like to do my best to get him out.

Are you interested in turning up the excitement with this rivalry?

I am still not that kind of player yet.

This was your fourth victory.

I am still getting a lot of help in my victories.  I want to get to the point where fans can watch my games and talk about how I shut down the opponent.

Source: Nikkan Sports 5/26/2013

And Sponichi:

Fujinami -

You faced Otani today.

He has a presence.  His aura and his swing were very pro.  It felt good pitching against him.

You threw twelve pitches and eleven were fastballs.

I left pitch selection up to Fujii.  I did seem like he was going after fastballs.

There is hope you and Otani will help bring excitement to the leagues.

I am still not that kind of pitcher.  They might label this a rivalry, but I will not worry about that too much.  It will be good if we can just push each other to become better players.

Otani -

You fouled off the first pitch of your first trip to the plate.

[Fujinami] throws a good fastball and I thought it would be best to pick my pitches.  I thought fastball and I was surprised when I failed to make [good contact].  I want to be able to hit [that kind of pitch].

On your second trip the plate.

I thought I was going to make good contact, but the pitch dipped away and hit the end of the bat.  I went for two because we were down by quite a few runs.

On facing [Fujinami] again in the future.

I was able to hit the fastballs today, but he could come with off-speed pitches [next time].  I want to be ready for that.

Source: Sponichi 5/26/2013