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[6/11/2013] Lotte exploring foreign market, trade options; have interest in Yokohama’s Ramirez

by on Jun.11, 2013 @ 3:31 pm, under NPB

According to a number of reports, Tsutomu Ito wants the team to secure another foreign player.  Daily Sports mentions a right-handed starter while Sponichi figures a starter or a power bat.  Right now, the only foreign player on the active roster is Carlos Rosa.  The others -- Dicky GonzalezSeth GreisingerWil Ledezma, and Josh Whitesell -- have not managed to secure spots at Ichi-gun for one reason or another.

Nikkan Sports notes that the Marines are looking into what is currently available, both domestically (trade) and internationally (foreign players).

Sports Hochi adds that Lotte is also interested in Alex Ramirez and is currently discussing trade possibilities with the Yokohama Bay Stars.  Ramirez has been spending more time as a bat off the bench over the last couple of months because he can be a liability on defense.  A move to the Pacific League would allow him to focus on hitting, which could work to his benefit.

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3 comments on “[6/11/2013] Lotte exploring foreign market, trade options; have interest in Yokohama’s Ramirez

  1. Steve Novosel

    I would be mystified by a move to trade for Rami-chan, unless we were just dumping older, high salaried players (ahem! Saburo! Ono!). Rami-chan makes 2x as much as our current highest paid player and can’t play defense. We got plenty of people who can’t play defense to throw in the DH hole.

    If there’s truly a desire to improve the team and they are willing to spend, a quality foreign starter is the only way to go. Way better use of funds than on a 38-year old Rami-chan. And a 7+ inning quality arm is a way, way higher priority than a power bat.

  2. Woody DeJesus

    Alex Ramirez has plenty left for any team that needs production. Ramirez improves in average, production and RBI’s if he plays for a full season. Ramirez defense is questionable, but he usually makes it up in his offense. Ramirez is probably more valuable in the pacific league where he can DH. Ramirez personality with teammates also makes him an asset to any team, especially to new foreign Latin players.

  3. Steve Novosel

    Hmm, a 4-month old article. OK.

    Could Lotte use a RH power bat in the offseason? Yes. Could we use a marketable face? Yes. Do we need a 39 year old DH, no matter how personable he is? No.

    If we’re going to spend money I’d much rather it be for someone who can play the field and is young enough to stick around for a while.

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